Project #2 – Making a Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

Inspired by Ishitani Furniture. Please check them out.

I am by no means a woodworker. I own limited tools and definitely don’t own a woodworking shop: but with a few tools and a little patience, you can still create a nice piece for the home.

In multiple shots, I am not using appropriate safety gear or practices. I have since learned more about safe and defensive woodworking techniques and employ them fully. Please always follow appropriate directions and safety advisories.

29 Replies to “Project #2 – Making a Live Edge Walnut Dining Table”

  1. Beautiful table!! It's nice to see other "gorilla" woodworkers out there making great things with minimal tools! You nailed it!! (Pun sort of intended….)

  2. Excellent work, my back hurts from watching you work on the floor, build yourself a bench!!

  3. Can I order one from you ? Haha
    I’m actually looking for a table like this

  4. Beautiful work with minimal tools. Full wood shops have trouble with what you did. Got a sub out of me.

  5. That was incredible back garage build 😁👍 should be very proud of yourself

  6. You are very skillful and creative, the dining table you make is very beautiful and sure, I really like the Video you do, I have subscribed to your channel

  7. You sir ARE most definitely a woodworker and a damn fine one. Signed…another guy who loves to make furniture.

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