Prosthetic Arm Tip #2: Tying a Shoe

A below elbow arm amputee demonstrates how to tie a shoe with his prosthetic hook.

26 Replies to “Prosthetic Arm Tip #2: Tying a Shoe”

  1. I can tie my shoes with one hand and I can play pool with my PROSTHETIC hook.

  2. Ha have you ever try to play pool with your hook if you haven't i can show you how i been playing pool with a prosthetic hook for lot of years if you want to learn call me 951 250 5297

  3. Here's a tip for you. When you tie the initial knot, go through 3 times instead of once. When you pull the laces tight. this triple knot will hold tightly, and you won't have to put a finger on it to tie the bows. Holds tight all day, ad can easily be untied one handed.

  4. i learnt to tie my shoelaces one handed before my prosthesis was made. but ill give this way a shot. great attitude brother

  5. Great video! Definitely worth 5 stars! Please check out my weird musical instrument quiz clip.

  6. That arm is purely mechanical, it is controlled by the cable and a shoulder harness.

  7. man thats cool. btw does that arm link to nerves or muscle or sumthing? looks pritty good.

  8. That might take me a long time to learn…you made it look easy. I guess 'practice makes perfect" … great video.

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