Pruning Climbing Roses! ?✂️? // Garden Answer

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28 Replies to “Pruning Climbing Roses! ?✂️? // Garden Answer”

  1. I want gloves like yours. Have a few beautiful , but deadly thorny roses. Others ok
    Beautiful pink roses Laura do they have a scent?

  2. Thank you for great instructions. I have rambling roses which I have been told are different to a climbing roses and need different pruning. Can you confirm and if so how should rambling roses be pruned? Thank you so much, (am in Australia so planning way ahead!!).

  3. This will be so helpful when I tackle our William Baffin roses soon. Thank you!

  4. From one gardener to another… Seems to me like you might have to consider adding ONE additional type of Felco’s to your collection… Felco 100’s ? from someone in in landscape maintenance … game changer ??

  5. I love climbing roses, but their thorns are VICIOUS! In my last house, the previous owner had let a climbing rose grow wild for years. It was 4 ft. high, 10 ft. wide and 10 ft deep. It was a nightmare to cut it back. Leather gloves help, but the thorns latched on to my long sleeve shirt and pants…and by the time I was done I had pokes and scratches all over. How do you keep them from "attacking" people as they walk through those trellisses? I once asked a greenhouse if there was any such thing as a thornless climbing rose…and he laughed. ?

  6. Thank you for this tutorial! Thanks to you I have 2 Colette roses & now I know how to cut them back! Woohoo! ?

  7. "People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self—fulfilling prophecy." —Tony Robbins

  8. I bet the show of roses is going to be amazing this year! I can’t wait to see the beauty ❤❤

  9. Another hugely helpful and informative video! Question: How would you refinish/repaint the arbor? Do you have to cut the rose all the way down to the ground or are you able to extract the rose from the structure, repaint, and then reintegrate the rose?

  10. Hi! I can't seem to find this Colette rose here in Ontario-Canada. Is there a rose that is similar to this one in the sense that it will bloom profusely and abundantly with English-style flowers that I can search for? Bonus if it was fragrant too! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  11. You guys are amazing! I love the teamwork and humor you both add to the duo! Each time I’m ready to take in more knowledge, I am sure to find it from “Professor Laura”, as my husband and I have both been so educated in our new endeavor in our Southeast Texas home garden as new “empty nesters”. Thank you for furthering my education on the rose pruning, especially training it around the fence. I’m constantly looking forward to your daily videos these days. I thrilled to see any content but have been stressin’ lately about moving my seedlings in transplant due to damaging. What should I look for as far as the diameter of the petiole?? We are extremely humid here but I’ve been lightly brushing/waving my hand over them to help with the hardening up. You’re awesome!

  12. Lauren, thought you might like to know that rose is named after Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (b.1873-1954), known simply as Colette, a French author and woman of letters. Pronounced Koh-Let… Regards from snowy California.

  13. I bought this variety last year, it’s such a healthy beautiful rose. I read that you should not prune them the first 2 years, what’s your opinion?

  14. I have a troublesome rose that I have almost pulled 3 times. The last 2 years I have given it the Laura treatment removing all the leaves and pruning severely. It is improving and beautiful. Thanks to Garden Answer!

  15. Is it just my 32 year old eyes or does the video quality look a little off? Haha The trees almost look blurry in the background to me! (It could just be my TV but was just curious if anyone else is noticing it?)

    Either way, loved the video as always! ?

  16. This really helps to see exactly where to cut to understand how to get the desired results! ???????

  17. I’m always surprised at how your roses hang on to all of their leaves. I’m in the south and mine are always naked when it is time to prune! I do need to fertilize!

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