Race, Class, Culture, Religion, and the Game

When a woman is choosing a man she’s not just evaluating how good he looks, his status, or even his conversation. A woman is taking into consideration his race, his social class, his subculture, and if they can, his religious beliefs. This video will discuss these dynamics and their impact on the game.


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11 Replies to “Race, Class, Culture, Religion, and the Game”

  1. I can say that is true in Islam, especially in the case if she is practicing because I know some that don't care or tryna get a dude to convert after giving up the pussy. Even deeper than that, for blacks, especially converts, that want to get with arabs/ indo-pak communities, being Muslim isn't enough, you better be paid or of the same culture/ ethnic background or white (which they think means paid). so a lot of brothers out here want something foreign, when its not going to be that easy, on an Islamic note…

    Christian generally don't have or pay attention to their jurisprudence, so if I find a check that is christian and isn't concerned about rules its a go, because from the Islamic perspective I am allow christian and Jewish women, where as it could be different from the religious perspectives.

    Now, knowing this, the prophet of Islam proposed different:

    the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “A woman is married for four (reasons): her wealth, noble ancestry(status), beauty and religion. Choose the religious woman lest your hand is stuck to dust (because of destitution).” [Sahih – Bukhari]

    I am going to be honest with you Rom, if all the things that I have learned from you and others, looking back on it, my Prophet had serious game. Id actually like to do more research on aspects of the game in relation to Islam., that'll be something serious! Especially when you throw in allowing of multiple wives, and concubines…My prophet and his successor Imams, most of them had multiple wives.

  2. Well said I see now my biggest mistake is class, I’m going for women who are not in my type of class thanks!

  3. Great diagnosis. Most guys don't take any of this in account when they play the numbers game, and constantly run up in women's faces.

  4. This is grade A wisdom. I was anticipating this video and I wasn't let down. I'm 37 now and I feel better about myself and my rap everyday. Why is that? I no longer waste my time on women I simply am incompatible with. Now, it all makes sense to me why I have had some Black women tell me I should date non-Black women. These women perceive me as not being attractive to most Black women. Also, how many Black women perceive me – clean cut, educated, well spoken, work in academia, well dressed, I have conservative values especially regarding family and marriage, etc – is becoming clearer to me. While I will still date Black women (and non-Black women) I am now very particular about the ones I approach. They have to appreciate me, my background and where I'm trying to go. In other words, while I have always tried to get with educated women they have to come from a background or a foundation that will jive with my background and my future.

  5. Great video Rom. I wonder how attraction works for men who grew up in the hood but made something of himself. For your experience, what type perspective or energy does this man have.

  6. So being too successful and be a turn off for most women. I didn't know that. So a guy can be single not because he lacks game, but because his high class is unrelatable to women. Wow!

  7. Thank you for your life perspectives. This was definitely worth my time. Keep pushing.

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