Reacting to 2018's Biggest Fashion Trends.


What’s up guys today I’m looking back at 2018 and some of the biggest fashion / streetwear/ hypebeast trends. Love u

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22 Replies to “Reacting to 2018's Biggest Fashion Trends.”

  1. bruh forgot anime girls so many brands made sweaters and shirts with anime girls on them

  2. On a high fashion level, I think Raf started the whole chunky shoe thing. Check out the response trail sneaker.👌🏾

  3. racing garments r gonna become a thing in 2019 and if it doesnt happens imma be mad af

  4. I know this man didn’t just say shakka.d.baddaboom instead of shakka.d.badmon 💀

  5. Sandals will never go out of style because they have a very direct utilitarian use, and they MAD fucking comfy.

  6. I feel like the bondage thing Ur talking about is just techwear lmao. Like everyone who wears techwear is rocking these Molly rigs and chest rigs and has hella pockets and straps on their shit. Its not bondage inspired it's a take on performance clothing with a sort of dystopian feel to it.

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