Reasons Your Seeds Aren't Germinating

In today’s video we will discuss why seeds aren’t germinating and what you can do about it. Seed germination isn’t always your fault, and sometimes it is!

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18 Replies to “Reasons Your Seeds Aren't Germinating”

  1. I totally understand what you're saying Luke I have been struggling with certain seeds that are not germinating and my reason is the location that I'm germinating them in Is to cold I have tried using heat mats to germinate my tomatos and peppers some of them are not sprouting and at the same time the soil is drying out a lot quicker so I have to water more often I am trying to just water when thay need It

  2. I figured the peas I planted rotted after not coming up for a month. Planted more to replace them. The original ones are now 4" tall, the second batch are poking through the soil. Going to have a huge mess of peas in a month or two.

  3. Raising my hand guilty as charged ????I excavated a little just this morning wondering what's wrong with my jalapenos this year. Thankfully I have more soaking and some bells so I can start them later today.

  4. Thanks, Luke. Ignorance is bliss. I didn't know about carrots needing darkness but had a bumper crop in a small garden at my former house. I must've done something accidentally right.???? Great tips. Keep them coming!

  5. Last year I got Nadapena seeds and Habanada seeds from Etsy, two different suppliers. Nadapenas had almost 100% germination, Habanadas had 0% germination. I definitely blame the seeds. Peppers can be ornery and make us wait to long but I have never had this happen. This year seed was ordered early from a well known seed company.. Nadapenas were delicious and made a great salsa for those who don't like heat.

  6. Worst seed starting mistake I ever made was accidentally dropping my trays of young plants on the ground and loosing everything.

  7. Well honestly I’ve never took it to all these reasons. I’ve always been a decent grower of my plants and happy with my results. Darn MS is taking more so planting changes are charge. Your videos have been great just wanna say Thank You ????

  8. Thank you Luke!
    I've been having difficulty germinating peppers for 3 years running. ???? I didn't use a heat mat because they're close to the heat register. I'm going to start more one more time – then I'll pick up some plants at the nursery. ????

  9. I always plant mostly new seeds, then throw in a few of my older favorites I have left. I still have some Costoluto Genovese seeds from you from a few years ago. I love those tomatoes, so planted a few of them with my new tomato seeds and all 3 germinated. Some older parsnip seeds did nothing. My peppers did nothing until I got heat mats, then they germinated like crazy. I have recommended your channel and your seeds to everyone. Both are the best.

  10. As a beginner gardener, I've found that I need to write down when I plant seeds because I get so excited that it FEELS like I planted them weeks ago when it's only been 5 days. LOL! I start to worry too early. ????

  11. The coffee bean seeds I bought from you last yr never germinated!
    ????‍♀️I tried everything!
    Bought another pkg to try again this yr!
    Any suggestions would be helpful?
    I’ve tried everything!

  12. What temperature range is best for stratification? Everyone says throw it in the fridge but my fridge isn't very stable. Many of my seeds don't sprout after stratifying.

  13. Great posting. My conclusion,from years of experience, My growing season too short to waste time on saved seed,( Unless it's a special variety). Just buy new every year from MiGardener. Your pepper seeds had a really good germination %. They have dropped starter leaves, developed true leaves, now they are just setting there. Will see. Thanks.

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