Recipe from my protein cookbook SCULPT – just restocked on ⬇️ #shorts #recipe

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I love me a desserty no bake recipe that’s ready in 5 minutes!

I love making these a bunch of these ✨Cinnamon Roll Bites✨and then leaving them in the fridge so I can easily grab them for a quick pre or post workout snack!


🔲 1 scoop Blogilates Sculpt + Debloat Sweet Cream protein powder
🔲 1/2 c cashew, almond or sunflower nut butter
🔲 3 TBS coconut flour
🔲 2 TBS monkfruit syrup (or any syrup)
🔲 1 tsp cinnamon

Cinnamon sugar coat:

2 parts monkfruit sugar
1 part cinnamon

1 ball: 93 cals, 4g protein, 7g fat, 4g net carbs, 2g fiber

Makes 10 balls.

Recipe from my cookbook “Sculpt” which is finally back in stock and available on @POPFLEX at You can get my protein at @Target in store or online at

Enjoy!! Tell me what you think!


18 Replies to “Recipe from my protein cookbook SCULPT – just restocked on ⬇️ #shorts #recipe”

  1. Ok but why do you chew like that? Genuine question because my cousin chews awkwardly too and it's cuz she had a tumor on her jaw

  2. What if you make bikinis or swimwear that is comfortable to workout in for when we want to workout before a swim or something🤔

  3. Am I the only one who found out what her name is by watching blogicomics

  4. 4g of protein is not a lot, that’s a solid snack,but not a protein snack at all.

  5. I wish I could buy this protein powder so bad 😫
    But it doesn't sells in my country, please make it worldwide if possible 🙏

  6. I made this (but an unhealthy version 😂) They were so good!!! Thank you o much <33

  7. Hi have you a site on internet? The thing is I live in France and would love to buy your products 🥺

  8. For 4 net carbs I personally would love for there to be more than 4 grams of protein to make basically 100 cals worth eating 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Those look so delicious! I will definitely be saving money up to buy the powder!!

    Btw I love all your recipes💕

  10. Is there a substitute to monk fruit syrup that I could use?? I can’t find any?

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