Redecorating Mariah’s Bedroom + NY Home Renovation Updates!

#ad It’s like a spinoff of House to Home, but this time we’re surprising Mariah with a little room makeover in our NY home! Thanks to Etsy for sponsoring this video. Shop my Etsy favorites here

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13 Replies to “Redecorating Mariah’s Bedroom + NY Home Renovation Updates!”

  1. I vote for Isz on the pillows and the three layers. I grew up with three layers. Lol! My bed is so huge and high, I can’t use duvets because they’re too small and in general they are too cumbersome for me. I like element modern quilts in neutral colors.

  2. Ughhh so so chic and sophisticated!! Praying for your fertility journey, A!! <3 God's will over your life and marriage will come to pass! Also, small business owner here from Etsy! <3

  3. I will not sleep without the sheets on & if someone post a pic on their socials with NO sheets I’m judging 🫣

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