Regular Polish W| Gel Top Coat

Hey welcome back to my channel! One of my lovely subbies wanted to see nails with regular polish and gel top coat!

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I upload every other day loves ! Or sometimes everyday

|Products used|
IBD dehydrator
NSI attract primer
Mia secret monomer and powder
Holo graphic collection color from color club

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Bead sizes



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Q: Am I a lisenced Nail Tech?
A: Yes have been lisenced by the state of Florida for 3 years

Q: How did I learn how to do nails? And how long have I been doing nails?
A: Self taught watching videos and practice and 5 years

Q: Where am I from?
A: Jersey originally reside in Florida

Q: Do You own a nail salon?
A: Yes I own a nail Studio in Altamonte Springs Fl

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19 Replies to “Regular Polish W| Gel Top Coat”

  1. Girl you are amazing at what you do . You’re fast too and super clean and on point . Wow great job.

  2. What kind of polish you’re using that’s completely dry in 10 min????? Man I feel like sometimes my nails won’t even dry after like an hour

  3. I love how you actually only filled in the cuticule area. I hate thick nails but i want them strong. My salon fills in the whole nail leaving them too thick for my liking. Tfs

  4. This is so helpful in quarantine currently! I’ve been having trouble finding gel nail polishes online (I don’t have a beauty license of any sort) so I’m getting sick of the few that I have and this idea to use a regular polish with gel on top came into mind!!! Thanks!

  5. I have a favorite mauve nail polish that I love and got a gel kit recently and been wondering if I can use my regular nail polish with a gel top coat. Thank you for the info ❤

  6. Just bought myself an LED/ UV gel lamp and the same exact color club polish!! Was looking for a how to for regular polish and a gel tip coat and this video couldn’t have been more perfect! Thanks for the video you!

  7. What was that first transparent "paste" that you used on your nails? Sorry but I don't know much about nails! 😭

  8. yo no funny shout out to you for this! im so broke and gel polish is expensive!!!! im going to try this

  9. Thanks for sharing. It was very easy to understand the way you explained it. 🙏🏽

  10. I just watch this video and wanted to know what's the name and brand of that beautiful coral nail color you are wearing please. Thank you

  11. I really wish you were in NYC… Asking nail techs if they can just add a gel top coat over the reg nail polish is like I'm asking for a heart transplant. freaking annoying… I knew it was possible!

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