Remington 783: Accuracy accomplished! Handload and chronograph info

Part 2 of the Remington 783 series:

Come join me on my quest to shoot sub 1/2 MOA @100 yards from the economically-priced Remington 783 rifle. I show you some of the powder and bullet-seating combinations that I used along the way.

Eventually I find a magic combination that surprised the heck out of me. In all honesty, this was something I did out of sheer curiosity because this is my hunting rifle and I have no intentions of turning it into a target gun.

Still, I had a ton of fun and learned a lot during the process. The Remington 783 is chambered in a number of cartridges, however I’m using the tried and true versatile 308 Winchester.

Thank you for watching and I welcome all comments and suggestions. If you guys have ideas for a video, please let me know and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos on outdoor products, self-defense, hunting and other macho and fun things. 🙂

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  1. Statistically you are perfectly justified in dumping the fastest and slowest in 10 loads fired. I am sure you're well targeted at more than 1000 by now.

  2. Good video but the .308 in 1:10 twist is touted by some to be accurate with 170 grn. Bullets. Wanted to get your opinion? Thanks and all the best!

  3. Man. Its been 4 years since an upload. I would love to see more content!

  4. Always a chance of losing WHAT? At 77, wouldn't be a big deal but it would throw the symmetry off. LOL. Good review. BTW I won't be shooting anything at over 400 yards unless I've got a UTV behind me. Too old for that. Mine is .223 anyway so offhand range is less.

  5. I'm a beginner and I have just completed my hunters ed online class and i recently bought a hunting license so I can buy my rifle. My online friend recommended this rifle (remington 783) but the guy at the gun store recommended the ruger american. What rifle would you recommend for a beginner like me to get? I intend to use my rifle for target practice then going hunting (after i get good at shooting). Thanks.

  6. Best bang for the buck out there. Bought one in 30/06 and it shoots great. Accurate as hell and the trigger is as good as those found on much more expensive rifles.

  7. I have two 783's with 16.5 " Heavy Threaded Barrels, in .308 & .223 they both shoot sub MOA groups out of the box, I upgraded the stock to the Boyds AT-ONE and they both are keepers.

  8. H-380 powder works very very well in my .308 Win. Its a low pressure powder also and has a true ball configuration so it won't wear the barrel as much. It also meters pretty accurately from a powder measure. Bet you it will give you a better extreme spread by at least 1/2 of what you're getting now.
    I've not changed powders for 30 years because with clover leafs that can be covered with a dime and low pressure ball powders, what else do you need. I use hunting bullets exclusively for my loads.

  9. Reloaded Hornady 150 gm red tip, Hodgdon 45.7 gn, over all length 2.800 in (without hornady tool). Grouped at 0.7 in

  10. Get a better microphone or talk slower or both and start including all info including range to target with other info

  11. Liked your video. The .308 Win is my favorite cartridge and have been loading it for many years, may I suggest. Try Varget, the best powder for the .308 Win, bar none. Your load was good, but to make it great, try the following. LEE Collet die, no case stretching and uniform neck sizing. When the bolt becomes a little too snug upon closing, REDDING Body die to bump the shoulder and size the base with out deforming the neck. FORSTER Ultramicrometer seater die, the best in my opinion, and this is where it gets a little sticky. Many people will tell you opposite, but my chronograph sessions have proven the the results of the LEE Factory Crimp die. Applying a crimp to a bullet with or without a cannelure will help with the pressure curve, the more consistent, the more accurate. My best load ever was with LAPUA brass, CCI BR-2 primers, VARGET and LAPUA 155gr SCENAR bullets, 5 shot groups produced 4 fps extreme spread with 1.4 fps standard deviation, on multiple sessions. This combination of dies is what I use for every caliber I reload and the results speak for themselves. All the best. Dave & The Girls

  12. I've got the same rifle and my best group "amateur speaking" is half m.o.a. at 100 yards laying down using a forked stick as a rest with the factory scope. And that is right after i cleaned it really well. I'm still breaking it in though. I used factory remington core lokt ammo! Soon i will be trying to zero it in at 200 yards.

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