Repaint Art – Faceup Timelapse OOAK

Hello again! It’s Maria and this another faceup art timelapse. ^-^
Excuse me for the poor light that made my matt sealant appear as glossy, i will have studio ones in my upcoming video! 😀
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Thanks for watching!

For more pictures of her and other of my dolls you can visit the links bellow 🙂

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26 Replies to “Repaint Art – Faceup Timelapse OOAK”

  1. She is so Beautiful! I love your video's! I ain't never liked dolls until I got hooked watching your video's I love your dolls keep up with u on here on Instagram, Facebook lol your so Awsome!!!!

  2. Woah!You made her look like korean idol girl!Oh my god,you're so talented,perfect❤️

  3. Hi ! I love your work. For a biginner, is it easier to start repainting MH dolls or EAH dolls ? Thanks !

  4. Finally!!! An actually pretty ever after high doll repaint, most ppl make them look so creepy! This is stunning!

  5. unfortunately I'm very bad at making eyes look shiny… 🙁 I can custom pretty well like rerooting hair and things but I can't paint eyes well

  6. Wow.
    If the monster high dolls look like you made them, I'll go and buy some.
    #sorry for my english, I hope you'll understand 🙂

  7. I love how you vary the form of the eyes! Most other artists just trace more or less the way the eyes are. But you differ on every doll, which makes them unique along each other (not sure if used the exact right words to describe the matter, but I hope y#all get my point :D)

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