resuscitating hated character designs

i realized i actually missed the most requested characters last time so obv we’re going to go again.

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26 Replies to “resuscitating hated character designs”

  1. I love almost all these,
    But I do really love your art but I really really love momo's original design

  2. I didn't aware that Sisu has eyebrows. And it's making me uncomfortable.

    Also I really love the she-hulk redesign. I hope she's like that in the trailer.

  3. I love momo, I not complaining about their a lot of hater in the world no characters design isn't safe from them.

  4. I bet Momo reacting to her redesign would be very happy as you really thought of it all.

  5. Bro, I feel like Lavendertowne is a mind reader, because with every character on here she voices my exact complaints towards the design and then bestows upon us a beautiful redesign fixing all these issues. Thank you Lavendertowne!

  6. 2:19 Honestly, this part of the show always confused me, the blanket came out the back, yet the front was completely ruined as well. I know it was just for fan service but still, it made no sense.

  7. I love your redesigns! I love you ideas with Momo. The zipper dress looks so freaking cool, oml.
    I was thinking of Lady Demitresque when you mentioned making she-hulk taller xD I also thought of Louisa from Encanto…who is also a big, beautiful strong woman. Which had more sales then Isabella, btw.

  8. Ah yes, I am familiar with “The Hot Topic” solution… as I use it.

    There’s no problem I need to solve it just looks cool

  9. Personally, I just hate when the animators do unnecessary bust shots
    (Basically just focus on their boobs and go up)
    I don't mind Momo's design, I just think that maybe we could close up the chest hole abit (cause no matter how flat a character is, they always have the chance to have h3ntai made of them)
    And not do annoying and unnecessary bust shots, other than that, I don't mind her design, because in reality, some shows might benefit from the h3ntai made cause it introduces some people to the show, making them more money
    Idk, it's probably just me, but I don't mind

  10. Hi LavenderTowne, i think you shoud try changing Ameri's design from Welcome to demon school Iruma-kun, it's just that she's the school president and she doesn't even wear uniform even if she's also a student 🤔

  11. I really would like to see you tackle ochago from my hero… her outfit is … =___= and all I see is a emphasis on her v -jay line – with that outfit and her ugly ass shoes.. I kinda wish her character was better at her own quirk as well. Like to me she is some support but she is just… there. I love all the other girls more than her in my hero but she’s just lacking for a “main character “ and at times I wish she would get this 😀 off her face… glad they toned down that expression in the manga. I love all the other girls in the manga and see they’re of some support but she’s just there..

  12. people love muscular men but the second a woman is even slightly bulkier than the standard, cis men have a stroke

  13. I love momo's design here!! if only it weren't for the fan service

  14. I love how you did momo but it would be harder for her to fight in the outfits you drew because they would most likely get in the way

  15. Omg I love love love the way you drew she-hulk!! She looks so good I adore her

  16. She hulk was always meant to look more human and it was something the hulk really wanted to have as well. All the powers but looking more human yet somehow she hulk accidentally got that and he didn’t.

  17. Your She-Hulk redesign has permission to break every bone in my body 😭

  18. 11:28
    Well thats really stupid, didnt Abomination do the same thing in the original hulk movie? That that guy literally turned into a monster. It looks like they just put green body paint on the actress and called it a day- 😒

  19. I like the thought put into momo's redesign, but what would she be wearing under them for her torso? Since her entire back and some of her front needs to be exposed skin, I guess she could just be wearing some sort of super-adhesive backless bra? I'm thinking maybe a customized skin-tight suit with back and stomach cutouts under the first design.

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