Revival Cycles “Fuse” Ducati | Jay Leno's Garage

Find out what went into this $500,000 custom motorcycle build that makes it truly next-level!

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Revival Cycles “Fuse” Ducati | Jay Leno’s Garage

28 Replies to “Revival Cycles “Fuse” Ducati | Jay Leno's Garage”

  1. I hope that you used AISI 1144 stainless. I wouldn't trust the food machinery grade stainless. It will crack and break. Especially at the welds.

  2. Nice looking bike, but find the seat just too high to be practical (including the cost of it).

  3. Back in the 60s and 70s, Austin was a great place to be. This is an example of why Austin has lost its way.

  4. That bike is gorgeous and will a significant piece of art in the cycle world for the foreseeable future. It even looks better at speed as the spokes disappear. Hats off to Ed and Revival for pushing Engineering and fabrication to the limits. ps- The Modulus for stainless is quite high so it will not see any fatigue issues. Great question though by Jay

  5. It's cool, but not $500K cool. Good distraction for a retired guy like Ed.

  6. A very fine piece of art that motorcycle is. It might not be ridden much or be practical, but a DeVinci painting isnt practical either yet its worth tremendous amount of money to some people.
    I wouldnt pay that even if i could, but i sure can appreciate the amount of effort went into this stunning looking piece of art of a motorcycle.

  7. I just had to skip to the part where they talk about the exhaust, WOW! That's a lot of welding!

  8. 2 years to build a bike in CAD? $500,000 for the bike? I got some magic beans to sell this guy!

  9. In all honesty… It's not nearly worth 500k. It's a tube frame, a serpentine exhaust, a 'cheap' engine and a shell. I appreciate custom bikes, but valuing it at 500k when it's a cheap product, is just daylight robbery. I can build that bike in my garage, the frame is simple, a frame isnt rocket science, it's as simple as 'keep it symmetrical', weight wise. Dont get me wrong, it's a pretty bike, but it's definitely not even worth a 10th of what they value it at.

  10. I had a half fairing Ducati 900 Supersport, imho the half fairing Ducs looked better than the full fairing models.

  11. Curious on why the front exhaust pipe goes up and down before joining the second exhaust. Assuming its aesthetic, it feels like it would look better if it skipped the up-and-down (but what do I know?). I wonder if it's there to keep the pants legs out of the pullies and belts?

  12. Is this part aluminium?……… this part aluminium?…… this part aluminium?………🤠

  13. Half million….. No way no way no way. Slick bike, I will make you one for 50k.

  14. $500,000 for this bike that's crazy. Give me a H2 or something in that power range and buy a house and still have some money left over to mod the bike. But got to respect all the work on the bike lot's of time and money invested 👍

  15. Street motorcycles require a level of trust and faith in human beings. I have talked to some humans recently and don't believe they can be trusted.

  16. Looks amazing. If it actually rides nice too it would be a miracle looking at the components and the setup but maybe it does?! It is going to be a great piece in a collection anyways I guess so it doesn't really matter I suppose.

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