Rice bowl with ginger, radish and avocado recipe – Simply Nigella: Episode 3 – BBC Two

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Full recipe here: http://bbc.in/1X4U03I “A rice bowl is a wondrous thing, but often โ€“ despite the simplicity of its title โ€“ a rather cluttered and complicated one. Here, I have pared it back, to make a gorgeously seasoned rice bowl, with nothing more than a few seeds, herbs and radishes stirred through it, and an avocado to top it. Itโ€™s a simple take on an inspiringly expansive idea. So please use this as a starting point only. Itโ€™s very much a non-recipe recipe, and every time I make it, I add something different, depending on whatโ€™s to hand.”

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28 Replies to “Rice bowl with ginger, radish and avocado recipe – Simply Nigella: Episode 3 – BBC Two”

  1. They can say whatever they like about this woman, as far as I can see she can almost be forgiven any sin, her charm and poised beauty and mannerism is sweet and easy on the eyes. Perhaps sheโ€™s a nutcase or a total narc off set after all, each and every person has a persona crafted for the screen which has nothing to do with the person but donโ€™t we all have our shadows and darkness ?

  2. For anyone who can't place the end music part, it sounds like One more time with feeling – Regina Spektor

  3. I swear I can hear her say โ€œbrown rice โ€œ for ever ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Why dont you make more eye contact with the camera? she is so pretty. I wish i could meet her, pls help

  5. Get a life, people! Reading the comments below, you'd think you were all a bunch of empty vessels with no life! For heaven's sake, it's a bloody bowl of rice.

  6. Woah.. the ginger.. may I suggest to go for young ginger which is more tender. That is old ginger, so it's kinda fibrous. The soy sauce… It's flooded the base of the bowl… Maybe she is strong on salt…

  7. I didn't realize that there was any other way then to just shovel food into ones mouth when eating?!?!

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  9. Rice bowl is more satisfying than burger meal. In a burger meal i can finish it in 10 minutes. But a Rice meal i can take my time. If the Rice gets cold it woun't taste bad. But this is true only for brown Rice.

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