RICE WATER | How To Make And Use It For Glowing Skin And Extra Long Hair!

Rice Water is one of those ingredients that can make a huge difference to your skin and hair in a matter of 6-8 weeks! So if you’re ready to transform your dull skin and thin hair – here are some remedies that will come to your rescue!

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – How to make rice water
1:00 – Long hair
1:23 – Anti ageing
1:54 – Brighten up
2:30 – Oily skin
2:55 – Soft tresses

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30 Replies to “RICE WATER | How To Make And Use It For Glowing Skin And Extra Long Hair!”

  1. Can you please tell me that which rice is best for making rice water? Basmati rice or rice for making kheer or ration rice

  2. Why did my rice not turn milky? I soaked it for a half an hour after washing it 4 times like said in the video. But it didn't turn milky

  3. Can i first wash my hair with rice water then use shampoo after rinsing my hair with rice water? Will there be any problem?

  4. Hey team glarms … I love all ur remedies .. Lots of love ❤️❤️
    So some sources tell that we need to soak the rice in the water for overnight or for atleast 5 to 6 hours .. is this process beneficial ???

  5. Actually I use rice water ice cubes , so aft applying should i allow it to dry and then face it off ?

  6. Please give me some natural ingredients for white patches please I can't do any facial because of white patches please tell me what can we do for white patches please ????????????????

  7. I have a question….. Can I apply rice water on my scalp and massage it for a while……then what should I do?…. Rinse it with shampoo or leave it …… And can I apply this regularly?

  8. For soft tresses, did u used cooked rice or uncooked rice ?
    It seems cooked rice.
    Another question is after applying this mask on hair should I wash it off with water or shampoo?
    So please answer.

  9. Didi, there is a problem…….I have natural curly and soft hair. I don't want to loss my natural curls. If this remedy smoothens the hair, then it may make my hair straight and I don't want that. And also my hair have natural golden highlights and I don't want to loss the colour as well. Now, should I try this remedy or not ? PLEASE REPLY

  10. Thank you I already follow this but in my case I use the cooked rice water. Is it good too or this shall be followed for better results?

  11. Hi, when you say to rinse it after shampoo to get thicker hair, are we suppose to condition after rinsing the rice water?

  12. My hair slowly growthing .Please give me some suggestion for growthing my hair fast
    Team glamrs

  13. Glarms can u pls tell me that if I use rice water 1 week constantly and after I will use conditioner is something happen to my hair or not it is good or bad can u tell me Please Please Glarms Tell me Pls don't recommend any video because I already watched it pls Glarms tell me Please ????????????

  14. how long i have to fermented rice water before using?nd how many times in a week i can use it?

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