River table…without a river

In this video I’m building a new dining table using a massive Claro Walnut Slab. I wanted to try my own version of a river table, which let’s be honest, isn’t really a river table. And I wanted to make a table that would look just as good without a slab top, but looks even more awesome with the slab top. And I have to say, I think I nailed it on this one. Check it out and see for yourself!

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0:00 Why use slabs?
1:20 My plan for the slab top
3:48 Laying out the slab pieces
7:25 Filling the cracks with epoxy
9:24 Table base design thoughts
10:16 Making curved aprons with mail order…Poplar?
12:48 Making table legs
15:18 Everything to do before the base glue-up
17:49 Why are slab projects so satisfying to watch?
19:12 Adding the Maple reveal
20:40 Shaping the table top
22:34 Staying motivated through the final details
23:36 Final reveal

27 Replies to “River table…without a river”

  1. I have to admit i wasn't that happy when you guys startet to do slabs. I'm not a huge fan of them. But man, this is an another level. I always liked your designs and admired your workmanship and now you got me to say: This is a beautiful looking slab. The joint in the middle? Very smartly done.

  2. It’s got real Jory Brigham and Nick Pedulla had a baby vibes ????????????????. Super clean good sir ???????? (per the usual)

  3. Nailed it! All the great qualities of a slab table without the dated slab river table aesthetic.

  4. The execution was up to your usual standards. It's weird to write that mailing a piece as complex as that table is the ho hum party, but since the design is absolutely amazing, it's also kind of true.
    I watch a lot of videos and most of the time I say to myself, "I could probably do some version of that." Sometimes I even go out and make some version of that thing. But never with your stuff. It's beyond me, not in the woodworking sense every time. But your designs are always awesome. And this one is no different.

  5. I'm not an epoxy slab table fan, but you did nail this one. It's probably the best table of its kind I've seen!

  6. Digging it Shaun! I like the round over detail on the top edge. That sets it apart from the piles of river tables out there. You did a great job blending furniture design and slab manipulation.

  7. YOU STRAIGHT UP NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDecker

  8. That table is beautiful. I've been watching youtube woodworking for a while now, including Pedulla, Four Eyes, etc. and this is a stunning piece. Nice job man.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m legitimately jealous of your talent. Keep it up please. Looking forward to the next video.

  10. This is such a great example of a piece that rewards attention. Both for the maker – all that care you put into structuring your workflow, as well as trusting and following the math (which we all know doesn't always play well with IRL organic stuff like wood and humans) – and for the audience – from a distance it's "hey, that's a nice table" but the closer you get the more the individual details reveal themselves and each other with subtle curves, precise angles, perfectly flush joins, and creative flourishes that both enhance and respect the material.

    So yes, you absolutely nailed it. This is a gestalt showpiece that could only have been made by someone like you – both a master woodworker and a massive nerd ????????

  11. The song you're whistling at 11:25 is Death and All of His Friends by Coldplay. Awesome tune, love the 7/4 section. If bonus points can translate to a follow on Instagram lmk ????

  12. Yoooooooo Shaun!!!! I mean C'mon Man…. how stupid can you be to flip the 2 outer live edges into each other. Like that was so stupid as in PHUCKIN Stupid Dope Fresh Son!!! I think this one hits in my top 3 favorites but as stupid as you are I'm as equally an idiot & think I say say after almost every video!!! And….. only da REAL ones will know of the "Cam" drop & the end!!! Hoping all is well Bud, Dirty Jersey out!!!

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