Rolex Prices CRASHED By 25% ????

In this this episode we talk to Roman Sharf all about the ups and downs of the secondary Rolex market.

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23 Replies to “Rolex Prices CRASHED By 25% ????”

  1. I'm now (finally) in a position to afford and can kind of justify a Sub-date, but now they're £9k RRP and I can't actually buy one from an AD. Rolex have caused this situation and have even joined in the used market inflated pricing with their pre-owned watch scheme.

    Instead, I'm going to go with the Santos de Cartier and not only have a more interesting watch, I'll have enough left to also get my SO a Tank ????

  2. I don't think you people realize how truly rare and transparent Roman is being here regarding the Rolex AD's. This kind of info just does not make it to the public. I've been in the antiques industry since 2002, and for example, I can't say anything about what really goes on behind the scenes of major auction houses; I would get sued for slander! Roman has guts.

  3. Been saying this will happen for years, just wait until the next big recession…. Coincidentally I was jewelry shopping today and the AD asked if I ever got the watch I was wanting. I replied no, he pulled out a new SD43 and offered it to me. I politely declined. I’ll wait until he wants to offer it to me with a discount!

  4. Sucked in to anyone who bought a Rolex to make money and lost out. Scalpers are scum.

  5. I have been put on an interest list by the rolex ad. After buying a few waches that i dont want i can be moved up on a waiting list. Happy days ahead.

  6. The rich and the strivers could turn on Rolex and you could see a crash on Rolex Watches.
    It is way overdue. A fifty percent drop would be right for a start. Rolex been sleeping on the switch. Who would be the next King? I think Omega or Seiko or both. I like Omega and I have several Omega watches. Today I just received my Seiko Green Alpinist. I really like it.
    Rolex better get off their ass .

  7. I am also cheering! The prices on the grey market have been absolutely ridiculous; and those watches have never been worth that kind of money. As fantastic as many of the watches (Rolex) are, the marketing "image" of the Rolex brand has been badly tarnished in my opinion. And as another poster said, non-watch lovers ruined Rolex for watch enthusiasts.

  8. Because of Roman and Nico L. and other ppl like them the watch market is where it is now. They buy from Rolex AD and resell with 100% profit.

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