16 Replies to “Roofing Tools 😳😳”

  1. First and most important how do you expect to get hooks over the rige if you can't walk the roof 2ed when done how do you get down 3ed the amount of pounds it's expected to hold while having cables in way sorry this is a bust but going the right direction.

  2. Anyone notice how it looks like a toy, how you gonna stack a 10 square on that flimsy thing, it needs to be beefed up at the least, no way would I trust my life with it in its current design,, the back of the sled doesn't even have a lock on it , this is just more trash to fall off the roof with

  3. Then you got these feathers you put on your arms and a back pack that contains a helicopter ..just in case these pins give way …its a no brainer

  4. I'd have done the job the way I normally do it by the time I'd fucked about with that expensive shit

  5. Bad product. That small cable stop will become damaged within a few uses, without a doubt. Why have a cable stop? Make the cable a ratcheting cable and the bracket permanently fixed onto it.

  6. Look at how he demonstrates doing work on roof lol you can tell don't even know how to hold a hammer

  7. Good design but the lock seems a little scary specially if your on a 12by12 and about 40 feet high

  8. How do people needs stuff like this roofers are stand or kneeling all the time they ain’t gonna set them up and chill on the top, plus is fucking hot and rainy days are off, /dangerous

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