Rosanna Pansino on NCIS: Los Angeles – Part 2

I am on the newest episode of NCIS Los Angeles! Season 14, episode 14, titled ‘Shame’.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the scenes from tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles that I guest star in! ????

I play Tara Walker, a Beverly Hills wedding planner doing her best to make the detective’s wedding happen!

Being on NCIS: LA was a dream come true. Anyone else LOVE this show? I can’t wait for you all to see the episode! It airs TONIGHT at 10pm on CBS!

26 Replies to “Rosanna Pansino on NCIS: Los Angeles – Part 2”

  1. NCIS and NCIS LA are my childhood plus I’ve been watching Ro since I was in primary school meaning two elements of my childhood have come together.

  2. I thought it looked like two different rooms, but this is actually real! Kind of mind blown! ????

  3. ro it’s just a sweet individual. She doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings and the other hand. I am her Diemond and I will hurt feelings. I’m just blunt girl. You’re too sweet but I love you.

  4. Omg i didn’t know that I needed this but this is life!!! Ro you don’t understand how much I needed this! NCIS Las Angeles, one of my favorite shows and one of my favorite influencers/people I digress ❤

  5. I just seen u on it????????and can you please tell Kinsey that I love her so much and I want her so be my friend so much ????????

  6. I bet you were so cute on said you’re so short but I love you so much and I’m glad you’re happy… I love NCIS..

  7. Ah love this and seeing on my favorite show,and when announced it I knew it had to be scenes with Anna and Callen lol,this makes me happy and congratulations Ro I hope to see you pop in on more tv shows ❤❤❤

  8. POV : trying to reason with indecisive/aggravated people but they can’t settle on something ????

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