Rose Quartz Nails ????

I combine three Acrylic Powders to create Rose Quartz Nails in this detailed tutorial.
My Acrylic Powders are available to everyone, both DIY’s and Pro’s! ????

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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.01 Brill by Valante □
01.19 Rain On The Leaves by In This World ▵
04.23 Dancing With A Stranger by Lunareh ▵
06.16 The Changing Tides by Brent Wood ▵
10.48 Heart Beats by Lunareh ▵
14.09 Suzie’s Working by Cameraman ➤
14.51 Whistle by Lunareh ▵
16.15 Sonic Sepia by Lunareh ▵
16.37 Cyber Club by Lunareh ▵

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□ Epidemic Sound
▵ Soundstripe
➤ Cameraman edits with Final Cut Pro, and uses Logic Pro, Native Instruments, UJam and Output for sound and music design

26 Replies to “Rose Quartz Nails ????”

  1. Imagine if you used a little of your new pink sparkly acrylic for a textured sparkly line through your quartz nail. I think might try that when I try this design. Beautiful as always.

  2. Beautiful ???? Hi Suzy, I have a question: I have been doing nails with different types of gel incl. acrygel (which is probably exactly the same as polygel). I can never get the cuticle area right.. I do it extremly the thin, but the nails lift within a day or 2. I noticed that the hight of the acrylic you did in this video, is thicker than how I do nails. Also that you leave about 1mm or less margin between the product and the cuticle. Should I leave more of a margin and make it a bit thicker? It takes me so long to do nails especially mine. I wont say how xlong it's embarrassing. They never stay on. I tried difference brands. My prep / manicure is perfect Still … fail. Help ????????

  3. Such quality. Explanation, styling, finished nail, video, music, graphics, the whole lot. love! ❤❤

  4. I love natural stone nails… I wish I knew someone close to me that could make this…

  5. This is so fascinating to me! I’ve never had a professional manicure but I love watching the process. Your nails are gorgeous!

  6. Hey Susie the next time you do nails like this, if you will take and use your transparent base color for encapsulation, it'll give the effect of colored crystal all across the inside so that you still have that coloration and it still looks like the real crystal Moore. Cuz most rose quartz has pale pale pink to a really vibrant pink outer crystalline structure in casing all the inclusions and fractures.

  7. Happy Mother's Day to Suzie! ❤ And all her family of viewers. ????????????????

  8. Omg so cute. I’ve never seen it done with acrylic. Super cute. If only Abby was able to show you the mistake she did on purpose. Lol ????

  9. I learned how to do my own Damn nails from you. I went all out and bought a whole shop . Gratitude Ms Susie you Rock

  10. Happy mother's Day Miss Susie my daughter took me to a nail tech before mother's Day the nail tech told me she don't do other nail Tech nails she got up turn her light out and walked out the building. I have not done nails and hair over a year from taking a break I deserve to get my nails done. Yet I was so hurt

  11. Very pretty Suzie ❤ this maybe a silly question but i have been following you for almost 4 yrs now & doesn't "throwing blobs" of acrylic with different monomer viscosities compromise the integrity of the Sculpture? I know you do the main structure with the 'capping beads/blobs' but it "feels wrong" after watching & learning from your many video's of creating the 'right bead'????????‍♀️ thx ❤

  12. absolutely beautiful , love it . I can't do acylic ia am allergic. Don't forget your mask Suzie, all that dust is not good for the lungs.

  13. Happy Mother's Day
    Love the design, so pretty.
    Can we find a better word than blob? Lol, everytime it's said, I think of the movie The Blob. Visualize a bloody blob gobbling up people. Your design deserve a much prettier word. Bead is so much prettier to hear than blob. ????❤

  14. First happy mothers to all the mammas.
    I really like this. I prefer shiny. That top coat is so satisfying.

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