Rösti — Swiss potato cake (eight techniques tested)

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potatoes (1/2 lb, 227g per person, I like Yukon Golds)
fat/oil (I like clarified butter)

Peel the potatoes if you want to (I don’t), grate them, rinse them in a little cool water, squeeze the water our of them, toss a little salt through them. Heat some fat in a pan over moderate heat, drop in the potatoes and spread them in an even layer. Cook until the bottom layer is golden brown, about five minutes.

Transfer the pan to the oven at 350ºC/180ºC (convection, ideally) and bake until it feels solid enough to flip, 10-20 minutes depending on how thick it is. Turn the cake out to a plate or a board, put a little more fat in the pan, and slide the cake back in to brown the other side, about 5 minutes.

Slide it out to a cooling rack, and if you want you can put the rack into the oven again for a few minutes to crisp the exterior and soften in the interior. Let it cool a bit before slicing.

20 Replies to “Rösti — Swiss potato cake (eight techniques tested)”

  1. I'll go with window nos. one , face it put potato to boil at night take them off drain them put them in fridge your done , they can probably sit there a few days , then make it in no time at all , you could boil eggs with them make deviled eggs to when you get around to it

  2. I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but what does syrup drumstick point right mean?

  3. Just peel the potatoes, grate, add salt pepper and 2 eggs. 17 minutes on low to medium heat with a lid on and 10 minutes on the other side. Done. Easy and delicious

  4. I love the videos, Adam! I think an interesting video topic would be why Red Delicious apples are the most popular kind of apple despite the fact that seemingly everyone hates them

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  6. Would it be possible to make one with a layer of unrinsed, a layer of rinsed and a final layer of rinse to ge the best of both?

  7. As a swiss person, i approve of this video👍🏻. Fun fact: traditionally when you had "Gschwelti", boiled potatoes, you'd make Rösti with the leftovers the next day.

  8. i don't have a problem with the potato skin, i actually like it, but when you don't peel them a whole lotta green shit under the skin stays and thats not only gross af but also toxic

  9. I wonder how a baked/roasted potato would fair? The interior would be drier, but so would the exterior. (Dry skin in rosti is not good eats; it's like flossing while eating.) Normally, regardless of the potato, I'm team "shred, squeeze, fry (low), flip" or "SSFF." No oven.

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