Run Down Attic Turned into BEAUTIFUL Master Suite | Good Bones | HGTV

Mina and Karen renovate the first of several houses they purchased on Talbott Street in Indianapolis. The three-bedroom, one-bath home has a few architectural challenges starting with the bathroom’s placement far from the bedrooms and a foundation that sags causing the kitchen floor to slope. The designers add a master suite using attic space, resolve the foundation problems and create an open-concept kitchen that gives the home a modern feel.

Unstoppable mother-daughter duo Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak transform rundown houses into stunning urban remodels in Indianapolis. See this dynamic team in action as they revitalize their hometown one property at a time.
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Run Down Attic Turned into BEAUTIFUL Master Suite | Good Bones | HGTV

14 Replies to “Run Down Attic Turned into BEAUTIFUL Master Suite | Good Bones | HGTV”

  1. I enjoy your antics, especially Kren's scaveger habits. They are so much fun to see. Great mother/daughter rapport. It's fabulous to see how you are revitalizing Indianapolis.

  2. I guess no one checks the close captioning. Quartz/courts, that sort of thing.

  3. A front door that's not on the front…no matter how it's decorated, I couldn't manage. If theyre adding windows on the front, the door could've been moved.

  4. Really frustrating not to see the second floor. Not fair to the viewer!

  5. You did such a beautiful job I so wanted to see the rest of the house you gotta stop spending so much time on insignificant stuff the flower potting …that could’ve taken 15 seconds or the thing on the money that didn’t even need to be included. where you spent too much time on those things we could’ve seen the upstairs and that’s what I wanted!! come on guys work with your patrons who watch your videos????

  6. Wish we could have seen upstairs, but it looks very nice. That dining area is a little awkward, but with a shotgun house, you have to work with the bowling alley floor plan.

  7. I like the beam, breaks it up nicely. Big construction went up next to it during the filming.

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