SAFE Deodorant – DIY

I never realized how unsafe deodorants are until now! Use this Deodorant recipe to know exactly what your putting on your skin!

SAFE Deodorant – DIY

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22 Replies to “SAFE Deodorant – DIY”

  1. keep in mind lemon grass, lime, bergomo,t geranium, lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, tea tree, peppermint are antibacterial oils that may be used. the antibacterial factor makes it nice as you said add any oil. the orange is nice. you can add 2 drops of clove oil with orange clove is antibacterial and potent.but smells well a deeper note with orange. and lime as well for summer

  2. I showed this video to my mom and right after the video was done she threw out her deodorant because there was aluminum in it 😂😂

  3. Cupquake,this was the exact problem I was having! My mom said to not worry but I do ty Ty Ty soooooooo much I 💖 Cupquake

  4. Baking soda is bad for your skin first off. It can damage the pH level of your skin badly. Plus it burns girl.

  5. Me when I found out that deodorant is bad for you
    " Why you always lyin'? Why you always lying~? Mmm Oh Mah Gawd~! WHY U FREAKING LYIN'?! "

  6. Most deodorants don't lead to cancer. Only a few companies use plastics and stuff. READ THE INGREDIANTS BEFORE BUYING

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