Sanctuary Tiny Home & Gardens In Spain

This weeks episode takes us to beautiful Spain to visit an amazing tiny home and gardens that has been set up as a wonderful sanctuary space.

Anne, while born in Canada has returned to her family land in Spain to build her dream life. Here she has created spectacular gardens and a retreat where people can come to recuperate.

Sitting amongst the beautiful landscaped gardens sits a small DIY-built tiny house which has been designed to be accessible to all with the purpose of fostering creativity and relaxation.

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Filmed bv: Gabrielle Vnd (
Editing by: Gabrielle Vnd & Rasa Pescud

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25 Replies to “Sanctuary Tiny Home & Gardens In Spain”

  1. This is such a beautiful place that Anne has created. We can all use a sanctuary space to get away and reconnect to what's important and this is such a wonderful example of that. We hope you enjoy the tour. With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. This tiny house is so cute but the most interesting thing is how this woman leaves the whole experience!

  3. I would love to have learned more about the foundation and construction. Instead of a trailer it looks like her home was built on skids off site and then placed on pilings/posts.

  4. Love her story and life philosophy and yes she honors her ancestry by living her purpose to steward and serve. Exquisite.

  5. Missed you Bryce. I could see this as a retreat, but not as a 24/7 home, it’s impractical and certainly not equipped for the handicapped. Great location.

  6. That is my dream home for sure! To see such beauty and simplicity, especially for someone who is disabled. Such dignity and comfort. You really have an eye for what is truly needed to give comfort. And my move in date is when???? 😉 Lol

  7. Honestly, this one feels oversold to me. It was about ten percent tiny house, and everything else about her. I click on these for the tiny house content.

  8. Looking awesome. She is living her dreams with basic life needs. Great to see it and thanks Bryce for giving a beautiful videos to us.

  9. She kept talking about being wheelchair accessible but no one in a wheelchair can use the sink she has from IKEA. And a bed that is on risers? At least you can move that down somehow. I applaud her trying but unfortunately I just don’t see how all the choices she has made would really help someone with a physical impurity.

  10. What a spectacular woman! Enjoyed everything she talked about… she has such a well-rounded positive outlook on so many aspects of life . Her tiny house is nice & functional…but, this video was so inspirational because of her magnetic personality. To me this was a different video than what we are usually blessed to see on Bryce & Rasa’s channel… but, is so awe-inspiring because of Anne’s personal mission & goals. I’ve watched & re-watched this & will share this one with others.

  11. Thank you, Bryce. I'd probably need a door for the bathroom, but beyond that it's sweet. This woman is lovely in every way. Seems to be a natural caregiver; a gift to everyone around her. I'm glad she takes care of herself too, finding small moments, here and there, for artwork and drumming.

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