Santana The Barber- Bald Fade

Chango Entertainment & Santana The Barber present, The Low Fade

Camera: Andres Garcia
Edit: Erick Nunez
Music by Rufio Beatz

20 Replies to “Santana The Barber- Bald Fade”

  1. Que carájo tiene que ver el regatton mugroso con la barbería? Sacate esa gorra asqueross y ponete una camisa decente delicuente.

  2. great haircut but… gawd damn the annoying music. would be better if u would tell us step by step how youre doing the haircut. for those that wanna learn

  3. is this the new space age look or something? I don't get the whole "rap" look with these low fades and edged up bangs and shit….. must be some kind of space age funky look.

  4. Yoo bro I have a question that maybe be a bit random but… what would you say is the best machine to line up your beard? Like what gives the neatest finish, as I'm thinking about getting a pair of t trimmers because they cut real low and I don't necccasrily want to use a "Razor" to sharpen the detail… so basically I want to just use a trimmer that would give a detailed finish, what would you suggest bro?

    P.S – A machine that has rechargeable batteries for cordless use would be a lot better 🙂

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