Scam Bites: Wholesome Fish (Scambaiting)

A little bit of scambaiting – this time, pretending that the scammers have been recommended to me as expert Veterinary Aquarists…

Intro and outro music was composed by Eric Castiglia:

In case you have questions about my scambaiting videos or efforts, you might find the answer below:
‘Ummmm.., Actually, Jim Browning can counter-hack scammers…’ –
(Mini FAQ) ‘Can’t get scammed if you have no money!’ –
‘You cant scam an honest person’ – true or false? –
Why do scammers promise such big rewards, and demand relatively small fees? –
Is it just old people who get scammed? –
Why are scammers frequently ‘Reverend’? –
Can you help me recover money from scammers? –
Has Atomic Shrimp been scammed before? Is this all about revenge? –
Why are the scams so badly written? (Also do stupid people deserve to be scammed?) –
Why do the scammers ask for personal details (that they don’t seem to use)? –
Why don’t you scam the scammers? –
Are you helping scammers to get better at scamming? –
Why not tell the scammers to deduct the fee from the prize? –
Who is John Warosa/Barosa? –
Did you steal your script, or steal or the idea of scambaiting from someone else?
Why don’t you make more/only scambaiting videos?
If the scammers want Steam/Google Play/iTunes cards, are they kids/gamers?
Can I send you scam emails for you to bait?
How can I get started scambaiting?
Why do you blur the scammers’ email addresses?
Why don’t you read the scammer’s emails in an Indian Accent?
Why don’t you report these scammers to the police?
Are these stories real?
How do people even fall for scams?
How do people even fall for scams? (Revisited):
How safe is scambaiting?
How do you Receive so many scam emails?
Aren’t you just wasting your time?

20 Replies to “Scam Bites: Wholesome Fish (Scambaiting)”

  1. The fireworks were for the Tetras to let them know how much they are appreciated, and to celebrate their survival. Darwin himself started this tradition and it's now common practise all over the world and beyond.

  2. Hi! Love your channel! I’m subscribed but really like your other content! I’m not scared of variety! Thanks for your scambaiting work you are genius!

  3. the last one is either a very dedicated scammer that's adapting to the situation, or the beginning of a character arc of redemption

  4. ive seen spambots like that on youtube too. they seem to particularly like accumulating in news videos on the topic of cryptocurrency (i once even saw a comment thread that was word for word identical to one that you covered in one of your videos). you should see how many are on videos like that, i would probably say that 95% of the comments i saw there were spambots

  5. "By not making mistakes, that's how you learn. Thinking as one and shaped like a starfish, we experience a narrative that actually appears to be coherent by nibbling on delicious cheese tensor fields. My own algorithms based on probability factors of the flux capacitor, reinforce the long-standing idea that normalcy bias bears the tramp stamp of the definition of fishing. If nautical nonsense be something you wish, then drop on the deck and flop like a fish. A plan so wild, it just might work. There is nothing more essential to a happy life than we should all remember asymmetrical testing for employee of the month and geometric shapes afraid of iguanas to halt the fragmentation of pinball machines. Something to leave for posterity. Everybody should have that experience at least once."

    —Albert Einstein

  6. the ones that tried honestly to give fish advice have all my respect and love. may they find their way both morally and to a better job

  7. I did something similar recently with a guy looking for a 'sugar baby'
    He ended up asking me to buy bitcoin to 'release' the 5000 he wanted to give me… I managed to keep it going over a couple of weeks!

  8. I do professional fish keeping the whole nitrogen cycle, massive tanks, bla bla bla. And the information these people all give is something I can imagine someone in a group saying. They’ll say something like “I’ve been doing it for years”

  9. Derek doesn't have alot of luck with fish , if you need any advise message me 😅

  10. People keep telling me I'm an adult, and I suppose an adult thing to say is, "Do not try to use fireworks indoors and/or in any relevance or proximity to your pets," or some such thing….

  11. I see a ton of messages on instagram these days posted by people who supposedly got a miracle done for them by some kind of prophet or preacher or whatever. It's the same template as these hackers, praises the services of some dude or dudette and links to their profile in their comment. I keep reporting them wherever I see them but they're absolutely everywhere.

  12. Have you any idea what these new comment spam bots are about? Usually post a long screed in Arabic or Spanish about how beautiful or virtuous some woman is and randomly in the middle of it a link to "randomword"(dot)"monster"

    It is wierd and there are tons of them with random stories in the comments of most videos I have seen recently.

  13. This was one of the most enjoyable scambaiting videos ever! You play the disappointed/pissed-off character really well

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