school update: classes, my minor, where i'm living, summer classes

today i sat down, drank some coffee per usual, talked about the classes i’m taking in the fall, summer classes, where i’m living next year, what minor i just declared, and more! insta: @daniellecarolan

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23 Replies to “school update: classes, my minor, where i'm living, summer classes”

  1. I took 4 summer classes.. its insane.. if u want to graduate on time u gotta stack those classes up! I changed my major so i was also behind as well.
    Good luck!

  2. Omg I took an anthropology class (language thought and culture) fall semester of freshmen year and loved it! And I’m taking women studies fall 2018 too!

  3. Online classes are the best 👍🏻 I take 6 week classes all the times and love them! I have taken all my Gender/Women Studies classes online. I am a senior and I’m graduating one semester early

  4. Can't wait for your freshman advice videos! I'll be a freshman at Uga in the fall!

  5. As a Public Relations soon-to-be graduate, PR is all about shaping the perception of the brand through earned media (Ex. if you’re client is launching a new line of products, PR will send press releases to major media outlets and if your pitch is interesting enough, you get media coverage of the products for free). Advertising is paid media, aka developing online Google Ads, commercials, campaigns that require you buying “space” to place your creative. Marketing is the business side of it, you can think of it as the overarching industry. Marketing is coming up with how to work the various pieces of advertising, pr, sales, business plan, etc. Hope that helps!

  6. I can't wait for the freshman advice videos!!! sending all my love and support your way!!!

  7. Can you make videos about your sorority? I’m in one and love seeing all and any sorority stuff. Like when you get your little can you vlog/ haul stuff you buy her?

  8. I know you and Joey must be getting very annoyed at this question but please understand it has not been very clear and I'm a biiiiggggggg fan of you guys together sooooo…… Are you and Joey still a couple or …?

  9. I’m taking four online classes this summer so I can graduate this December from UCF so I understand the crunch time 😂

  10. Take Human Geography with Amy Ross and Statistics with Nick Tobben. I took those two my first semester my sophomore year too. Amy Ross gives you all the questions in advance and Nick really works with you if you put in the time to come see him. Got an A+ in Human Geo and a B- in Stat. Also with the difference between advertising and public relations, I am currently an advertising student at UGA. Advertising deals with more of the awareness of the brand and PR deals with the promotions of a brand. I hope that helps : ).

  11. Would you rather miss a few game days out of hundreds or miss the chance to experience the culture of a different country?

  12. I feel like college advisors are terrible at letting you know what you need to do to stay caught up. By my sophomore year I knew I needed to go a 5th year because I wasn't going to be able to fit everything in. Glad you got that figured out now!

  13. Would looove a freshman advice video! Also maybe a video about the best purchases you made for your dorm!

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