Secrets of Tie Dye: Psychedelic Mindscape (Part III)

This covers the rinsing/washing portion.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. A lot of tie-dyers keep their methods a secret. I have learnt a lot. Thank you

  2. Wow! Amazing result! The shirt got very beautiful!
    I'm from Rio de Janeiro. 🙂

  3. Wow! That is gorgeous! I wish there was a link for part 2, the dying. I found part 1, the folding and this part 3, the reveal, but I can't findthe whole dying process .

  4. what's the best way to achieve these results without using an ice bath? Is it even possible?

  5. Not that I see anything wrong with his style, I will point out washing it out with hot water after rinsing it without letting it dry will definitely wash out a tons of color. If you let it dry without a hot wash and detergent, more of the color will stick. I do believe his intention it to get color out of the mix, and I do think him utilizing a minimal amount of dye is really smart. But I don't see why its important to let it stand for such a long period if he is just going to wash it out immediately.
    Just tips I have learned.

  6. Thank you for your eloquence, grace, and generosity with your knowledge!!! Such gorgeous results, and quite soothing to listen and watch.

  7. Absolutely amazing job!!! Thanks for the vlogs showing how to do the job! I can’t wait to do this with my family!!!

  8. Hey Crispy, where do you recommend getting dye from? Any particular brand you prefer?

  9. Good fucking lord, my dude. Please let me help you advertise these gorgeous pieces.

  10. I could see Darth Vadar when then shirt was still wet, still fit the theme, lol

  11. I come back to your videos often when I dye. Your voice is very nice to listen to I must say. Soothing even ha.

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