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Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus
Rosella Hibiscus
Sunball Craspedia
Kiwi Blue Honeywort
Chocolate Flower
‘Joey’ Lamb’s Tail
Vintage White Strawflower
Purple Red Strawflower
Apricot Peach Strawflower
King Size Raspberry Rose Strawflower
Horminum Sage
Lavender Queen Butterfly Pea
Seeker Purple Statice
Forever Silver Statice
Yellow Statice
Seeker Pastels Blue Statice
Apricot Beauty Statice
Orange Fudge Rudbeckia
Gloriosa Double Daisy Rudbeckia
Sahara Rudbeckia
Prairie Sun Rudbeckia
Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia
Sweet White Dianthus
Sweet Purple White Bicolor Dianthus
Marie Chabaud Dianthus
Chabaud La France Dianthus
Chabaud Orange Sherbet Dianthus
White Stars Feverfew
Vegmo Sunny Ball Feverfew
Champion White Campanulas
Champion Lavender Campanulas
Champion Pink Campanulas
Champion Blue Campanulas
Lady Coral Lavender China Asters
Blue Rottnest Island Daisy China Asters
Sunday Wine Red Celosia
Pink Spike Celosia
Celway White Celosia
Crystal Beauty Celosia
Raspberry Cream Gomphrena
Orange Gomphrena
Pink Gomphrena
Audrey White Gomphrena

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21 Replies to “Seed Starting: 1,000+ Annual Flowers! ???????????? // Garden Answer”

  1. Good morning, Laura, from Windermere, Florida zone 9b USA ???????? ????????????
    You are amazing at your diverse taste in flowers, annuals and perennials.
    We are already feeling the heat of summer, but night time temps are dropping into the 60's.
    Happy Gardening Everyone ????‍???? ???? ????

  2. Do you think you will try soil blocking? I have been seeing gardener using this technique to reduce plastic but better it increases the number of seedlings they can grow.

  3. Hey guys! Well, we had spring. And today it’s 29F, wind gusts up to 50 mph and snow. ????

  4. My sister lives in Perth, Australia. I recognised Rottnest Island. It exists – it's offshore from Perth, Western Australia surrounded by coral reefs & shipwrecks, birds and other animals. Apparently you can stay there too. Now, I need to get my much smaller collection of seeds ready. Thank you, Laura.

  5. Question: I know you water when you initially plant the seed. But do you need to water during the time when the humidity dome is still on? I am still a newbie to seed starting.

  6. Good Morning! ???? I did start a couple of Seed varieties but I do not have a greenhouse. I have limited space, but the space I do have a south facing window area! I did follow your method of the seed starter mix & Vermiculite! Crossing my fingers for positive results! ????????????????????????

  7. You made me laugh so hard when you said about the Rottnest Island Daisy…Rottnest Island is actually an Island about 20 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia…a much loved and visited Island by many overseas travellers and a lot of unique plants and animals only seen on this island…????????????????

  8. Are you having a Fresca, missy? So underrated! Tell Ken I appreciated his little ASMR segment at the beginning of planting. ????

  9. ???????????? for by Grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of Works, lest anyone should boast.
    ???????? Heaven is a free gift. The gift of God is eternal life.
    ???????? it cannot be earned by being a "good person" nor by doing good deeds and it is not deserved.

  10. Putting the mahogany splendor stems in boiling water helps with the wilt.

  11. Good morning Laura! Thank you for the inspiration and hugs from N.C..❤️

  12. There is a Rottnest Island by Australia so the one variety came from there. Very interesting

  13. Thank you for inspiration this morning, Laura! My husband built me a greenhouse for this season, I have filled it up already! I still need tomatoes and my 4-6 week flowers as well. Watching you move things to the studio made me think I still have all my grow lights and shelving in the basement. I'm heading downstairs to start more seeds! Happy growing!

  14. Loved the guitar music during planting, I bet Aaron could play that. Last year I found the video you did featuring Monica's beautiful voice with you on piano and Aaron on guitar. I put it on GA Groupies. Everyone LOVED it. Thank you for all you do.

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