Self-Destructing Scams (Scambaiting) – Also FAQ: "Why don't you just…?"

Scambaiting again – three different scammers – and I’ll just bumble along as if I’m trying to help, until the scam self-destructs under the weight of its own implausibility.

Intro and outro music was composed by Eric Castiglia:

In case you have questions about my scambaiting videos or efforts, you might find the answer below:
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Why are the scams so badly written? (Also do stupid people deserve to be scammed?) –
Why do the scammers ask for personal details (that they don’t seem to use)? –
Why don’t you scam the scammers? –
Are you helping scammers to get better at scamming? –
Why not tell the scammers to deduct the fee from the prize? –
Who is John Warosa/Barosa? –
Did you steal your script, or steal or the idea of scambaiting from someone else?
Why don’t you make more/only scambaiting videos?
If the scammers want Steam/Google Play/iTunes cards, are they kids/gamers?
Can I send you scam emails for you to bait?
How can I get started scambaiting?
Why do you blur the scammers’ email addresses?
Why don’t you read the scammer’s emails in an Indian Accent?
Why don’t you report these scammers to the police?
Are these stories real?
How do people even fall for scams?
How do people even fall for scams? (Revisited):
How safe is scambaiting?
How do you Receive so many scam emails?
Aren’t you just wasting your time?

16 Replies to “Self-Destructing Scams (Scambaiting) – Also FAQ: "Why don't you just…?"”

  1. This one in particular was funny. He backed himself into a corner and was probably like "oh shit I've been caught."

  2. "only person in the world?" Hardly. Perhaps you enjoy reading English from the bottom of the page upwards, but I don't. But equally, I don't want overquoting as this scammer did; I don't need EVERYTHING quoted to remind me of what was said before in an email conversation. I know, it's work, it's hard(er) for the person who replies, but it's ultimately easier to understand if done the right way, especially if additional parities are added to a conversation. This way of replying, interspersing quoting with reply, had been used for many, years prior, especially on UseNet, before people got lazy and started using the "Jeopardy!" way of replying. (Why "Jeopardy!" you might ask? Well, on the game show, the answer comes before the question, at least temporally. In email replies, it's more like spatially.)

  3. Would you consider going full Canadian on a few scammers – Just apologize for everything as you bait them. You could often even just reply with "I'm Sorry" when they complain about you dodging their queries or fishing. If its funny we might even get a video out of it.

  4. What if instead of "paying" with gift cards or the like you pay them in baked beans

  5. The best protection against being scammed seems to be complete incompetence.

  6. I would DEFINITELY listen to you explain more historical events in that historically-accurate tone of your's!

  7. Maybe the first scammer actually did send the money, and then murdered his victims once the funds were cleared. You really dodged a bullet on that one.

  8. I would want to write back saying 'If you can reply to me in proper English sentences with correct grammar I might be interested' …

  9. Top-replies are a relatively (yeah, I'm old) new thing, and actually it reverses the logical order of the text. It is the least logical way to write emails.

  10. Dear Mr. Manuel. We've seen a speedrun scam scambait, perhaps you can try a "100% completion" scambait, where you attempt to go through as many of your scambaiting techniques as possible within a single scambait, and upon the dump, score it on how many of you techniques you've gone through

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