Several Landscape & Container Project Updates! 🙌💚🌿 // Garden Answer

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23 Replies to “Several Landscape & Container Project Updates! 🙌💚🌿 // Garden Answer”

  1. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  2. I’ve planted a handful of the different varieties of sweet potato vines and some of the damage on the leaves look the same! I’m wondering what it might be. I have mine in full sun (sw facing backyard) but there’s others that look better. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. When you were taking about red, yellow, blue and green in the landscape, right over your left shoulder was a container with those colors too!!😃 Not planned I’m sure, but just reiterated what you were saying! Beautiful landscapes!🌺❤️🌸

  4. At the church shade pot with the struggling sweet potato, would coffee cause that issue? Looks like the pot is right next to a table, I could imagine someone pouring out the last of their cup before throwing it away.

  5. I LOVE the look back videos along with the update. This is so helpful to see so we can daydream about our things may look like a few years down the road! Thanks so much!!!

  6. I still remember the "THRILL" of seeing you use the auger back then! Congrats on all the plantings coming up so beautifully, looking so healthy, strong, and cheerful. Well done!!

  7. I wonder if someone tipped out their coffee or beverage on those lime sweet potato vine plants in that pot in the shade?

  8. I KNOW I've been watching a long time now…no auger at the church?! That's some real old-school planting. 🙂 Love you guys so much and you change the world…one video at a time!

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  10. Hi Laura, I love the update videos! Re visiting feels like checking in with an old friend to see how they are doing. I noticed the white hydrangea in front of the Japanese maple is not only protected but near a rain chain. I’m guessing that the extra rain this year has made it shine even brighter. If only every year could be a spring like this one!

  11. Hello, thanks for sharing this video! Always believe in yourself and keep doing what you love. Good luck!

  12. Another great color combination is white with lime, plus blue, purple, pink or orange. Try it!

  13. Ha! Glad you did this video. As I was like " well, I don't remember the children's nursery or church planters ". So I followed the link and realized I had only watched the very beginning of this particular video lol. My daughter had needed me to watch a sick grandbaby. Then totally forgot to finish watching it later lol.
    Shoot, I've been following your channel since right before you guys moved into your current home. But that explained why I didn't recall the pots being planted up.

  14. I just watched the 2020 arb video yesterday! Those chunks of pavement were no joke.😱
    I've been wondering for a while why you call your previous home a townhouse? Doesn't appear to be 2 story all attached in a row… Is the house "in town"?

  15. loved this video seeing the before and after footage! Would love seeing that more often

  16. I remember when the beds at the church were bare and wow what a difference a few years make , you’ve done an incredible job , thank you for sharing ❤️🌸🪴🌸

  17. So so grateful for update videos!!!!! They help me in my own yard so much. For instance, I bought a bunch of Cheyenne sky panicums last fall on clearance and planted them EVERYWHERE at a rental, and they’re total duds! They’re max 6 inches tall. I kept thinking…. Maybe if Laura was here she’d say they just need heat. But last week I was thinking I’d pull them all and start over. Now after seeing your ones at the church I’m going to give them another season. Maybe they just needed some time and will do better next year.

  18. I said a few years back I would not plant super bells anymore. Then I see them on GA and others video's, and they are gorgeous! Sooooo, I planted some in a few larger pots again this year. Thinking I'm going to try again!! Big mistake for me!! I don't know why I can not have any luck with the super bells, but I am taking photos to remind myself, do not plant them again!!
    I don't have any idea what I am doing wrong? They always look good the first month and then it's like in a few days afer that, they are pitiful!! They are shaggy, stringy, leggy, nasty looking!! Very few blooms at this point!! Everything else in the same pots look amazing!!! I see no bugs? I thought too much water, backed off and thought, well maybe it wasn't enough water. But no!! I accept I can not plant and grow the super bells🥵! I am done with them. I am going to go ahead and pull all of them from my pots!!!
    Anyone with suggestions?

  19. I’m 4 hours late to the “update” party, but sometimes (to beat the heat and chase the shade) I NEED to do my own gardening first!

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