She glues a light to a paper plate for this genius bedroom hack!

Ok… This is crazy! Your guests will have NO idea that this was made from some Amazon paper plates in a few minutes.

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16 Replies to “She glues a light to a paper plate for this genius bedroom hack!”

  1. This is fantastic…..I am very impressed….great way to cut down on electricity costs for lighting and have beautiful lighting also!!

  2. Did you purchase the little bells at the Dollar Tree as well as the wire basket? Or was that a purchase from a different store?

  3. Could we get a link for the round, battery-operated, color-changing, remote-controlled, light bulbs that you show in your first video, please? All I can find on Amazon are pucks and they don't seem very bright.

  4. I found similar lights by searching Amazon for led globe light with remote. And I found the plates by searching for Meri Meri party plates. I tried posting a link but it looks like my comment was deleted.

  5. You are NOT helpful since you apparently don't know how to add a link for the lights you found on Amazon. 🙁

  6. I like those round lights that you attached to the plates. Do you have the brand name of them? Thank you

  7. These ideas are so smart and creative plus the instructions were clear and simple to follow. They were also paired well for this video.🥰🥰🥰

  8. May I ask the product name from Amazon for the bulbs and plates? Thank you and have a Blessed day.

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