She transforms a PVC pipe into THIS! (wow!)

Looking for a curb appeal upgrade? With these quick and easy life hacks, you can turn random things around your house or garage into garden must-haves.

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18 Replies to “She transforms a PVC pipe into THIS! (wow!)”

  1. Guys, could you please make a "balcony" themed video? for your apartment followers! (and rental friendly, if possible)

  2. Is there anything you can't plant with? I love your yard!! I would kill them all from either over watering or not watering them enough.

  3. I started to like your channel until I saw you copied some one else’s rain catchers. Shame on you!!!

  4. I'm saving this video because I saw several projects that gave me wonderful ideas!!! I loved it! 💗

  5. Am I the only one that knows you shouldn't use plastics as an inner base for plants and to use natural manure for fertilizer and not miracle grow in the top soil for organic plants. Also never use mulch around your house it attracts termites.

  6. so the hose post is a great idea – but do you have a video where you show how to do the whole thing?

  7. I am so totally in Awe of and in love with your site
    It's always my pleasure

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