Silence Please – Steampunk Fairy – Speed Painting (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation

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Artist: David Puertas

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25 Replies to “Silence Please – Steampunk Fairy – Speed Painting (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation”

  1. This is off the chain. Wow. Also the face is so well done, I thought it was a photo with the rest placed on top. Such realism. So much detail. Just gosh.

  2. Am I the only one whose hearing bleed the freak by Alice in Chains out of that first instrumental? LOL

  3. Just by watching this, I feel my computer running out of memory😅

  4. These manipulation techniques used in this painting is spectacular, the amount of details is also mind blowing. I hope to one day learn these techniques efficiently enough to be able to speed up the process of my art work, I seem to spend a lot of my time on minimal changes in the painting that are sometimes almost unnoticeable. This demonstrates the true power of digital painting.

  5. Amazing art!

    By the way, whats the songs' soundtrack names? They're something fierce and I really wanna know 😅

  6. what else to say, you are amazing artist! I can't even draw a smooth square

  7. Oh my god you are such an amazing and talented artist. This is so inspirational…

  8. Holy fuck, that Photoshop work is god-like! This makes me want to actually learn the program as more than a layer monster haha.

  9. Wow, great art! I'd put that on my wall… if I wasn't too young to buy stuff online.

  10. These details are so wonderful! I love steampunk things, and this one is VERY cool!

  11. just wondering how many days its take…, the detail… creep me out…

  12. I am so disappointed that some or most of my drawings will never be this good. hahah lolz. Makes me think I am a waste of human organs.. hahahahahahaha

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