Skin Selection and Masking: Photoshop

Get a high quality skin selection when you need to make glamour glows, smooth skin or healing actions. Detailed and covers the tricky stuff like dealing with hair and eyebrows.

11 Replies to “Skin Selection and Masking: Photoshop”

  1. using + button is a amateur method and alternative to shift button and – button to alt.

  2. so does anyone here know how to do this professionally I can't get it just yet and need to transform a couple of photos???????????Help

  3. Just want to say that this method is REALLY hard to make work with people with blonde hair… it all counts as the same colour shade range. It takes a fair amount of extra work.

  4. The software is a bit older in this one, but the principles remain the same, and the steps are mostly identical. This is maybe my favorite video on selection on Youtube. It's very comprehensive/thorough when implemented correctly.

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