20 Replies to “SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell Review Install Unboxing”

  1. I may need a firmware update. I had this Skybell 2 years ago and I just had it installed today 🙁

  2. i was stuck at choosing a network. I clicked "Home network" so i can synch it to my home WIFI, it wont click. i will try removing the app and reinstall the app. Any suggestions? i will call help support tomorrow if its still doesn't work.

  3. I bought one – waste of money as by the time you get a message on your phone the person ringing your bell would have left. Skybell Sucks

  4. Awesome review. I'm confused about how it works if the doorbell is so much lower than the average person's height. Does the camera aim up?


    Do not buy Skybell if you not live in the US.

    I received the following message from Skybell after the Skybell-door bell I bought in November 2014 stopped working. I live in the EU.

    "As a future notice, please note that we make no warranty for customer located outside our domestic market."

  6. Thanks for the tech advice. keep it coming!! what device do you use to open your garage door? I don't have twitter

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. I love the concept. There are still some features that I would like from it, but that may be further down the road. Thanks again.

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