Slide 2 Dollar Store baskets on a paper towel holder (BRILLIANT!)

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10 Replies to “Slide 2 Dollar Store baskets on a paper towel holder (BRILLIANT!)”

  1. I hope i can find some of those round ones at my DT. I love the shape of them and they look great on top of the candle holder with the eggs. That was very cute for Easter.

  2. Excellent ???????? I would have put the tired tray; in the kitchen; Holiday items in it bunny ???? ????

  3. Does the 2 square wire baskets inside the rectangle basket stand up on its own?
    Or must it lean on or hang from some support?

  4. I like all of them. ????
    I can see the last basket on my porch. I have a hook that needs something on it.
    I think it may even look good hanging from a tree with lights on it. Faux potted floral that is wired onto the basket, so it doesn't come apart in high winds or storms.

  5. The gold basket with the Easter eggs is beautiful! If I can find the pieces at my local Dollar Tree I'm absolutely making that my weekend project.

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