Slide a paper towel roll onto a hanger (this is BRILLIANT!)

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13 Replies to “Slide a paper towel roll onto a hanger (this is BRILLIANT!)”

  1. I use Steradent tablets (denture clean) to clean thermus flasks, water bottles, plug holes and lots more, much like your Alka Seltzer!

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  3. This was a great ?‼️ All the ideas were useable & made sense (to me?)✌️?

  4. Another way to save space is to put a can tab over the hook of a hanger and then slide another hanger hook through the other can tab hole. You can use more tabs to “waterfall” as many hangers as you would like.

  5. So tired of wasting my time watching these videos. 90% or more are just total bs. Anyone else notice she grabbed a paper towel already torn off and just sitting on the roll?? I haven't seen anything worth trying from that lady. Unsubscribing now.

  6. Sorry, paper rolls don't work. You can actually too see when you do it that it didn't work. The rubber band is not your idea, REALLY! STOP taking credit from someone else's. Wow.???

  7. What government agency do you work for?
    Your business cards look like a fed or a fake.

  8. This is a crack up! Seriously? My grandma did pretty much all these things with a wire hanger…
    And the alka seltzer idea… just use baking soda or dollar store cleanser, less expensive. You’re really reaching here. It’s the scrubbing that is cleaning the item. PS… if you are spending that much time in the bathroom you might be magnesium deficient. Most people are… helps with sleeping too.

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