Tell me which camp you’re in, is 1100 sq feet for a family of four just right, a little tight, or very roomy?

Over the years I’ve lived in a lot of smaller spaces, from our first little studio apartment to a 800 sq foot house, and now our biggest home at 1100 sq ft. I’ve learned a lot of helpful tricks for maximizing space over the years. Today I’m breaking down some of my favorite products I’ve found for small homes, mostly all available on Amazon. These are space-saving products or great organization products for small spaces. Overall, just some of my favorite Amazon home hacks for small homes!

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Wall Hooks and
QR Labels
Door Hamper-
Slim Pull Out Carts (mine isn’t available still but here’s two similar with great reviews and
Clip On Bedside Table –
Collapsible Laundry Basket -
Cascading Hangers
Nesting Side Tables (Similar to mine: )
Under the Shelf Bins
Cabinet Door Bins

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  1. Love your tips! Our first house was around 900 sq ft. We had a house built that is just over 1500 sq ft and it was hard to find a builder. "Why do you want to build such a small house?" Everything is relative! I love the QR codes. I think they would be good for holiday decor boxes!

  2. Really would love to know where the tan plaid jacket is from! Adorable and I love it.

    We don't have an entryway either. Hooks would be a great addition!

  3. Saw the collapsible laundry basket at Aldi's, very sturdy and not as costly.

  4. Great tips.

    Houses in the UK are usually a lot smaller than ones in the US, so you have to be quite creative with space & storage etc.

    In the UK a lot of houses don’t have a utility room, so the washing machine has to go in the kitchen & the tumble dryer – if they have one, some British people are obsessed with putting washing on the line – has to go in the garage.

  5. Great ideas. I love the little hooks for hats., great idea for my teens room. Thank you.

  6. I like the back of the door hamper idea for the bathroom. towels or washcloths. I'm definitely going to try it. Love watching your videos thanks for the interesting ideas 💡 😀

  7. Love these! We are now all at home in 1900 sq ft as a family of 6. I’ve found our home very manageable by getting very creative with our spaces (moved laundry to basement and use space for mudroom), etc. love the QR code! I agree with the comment about gratitude. When I get jealous of bigger homes that would be easier to manage I know I need to be grateful for our home we love.

  8. Wow great ideas those side tables for the bedroom and living room are great 👍🏻

  9. I have been waiting all my life for that elephant tracking app!! You are a genius.

  10. It really is all about perspective. So many good ideas here, Kallie. Great video!

  11. Great tips.
    I watched your short video yesterday about the f.l.a t. Method to quickly tidy up your house. This is honestly one of the most helpful videos I've ever seen. I used it yesterday and today, and I love it! It works great! Thank you

  12. Great ideas! We are getting ready to sell our 2100 square foot home for a 1200 sq ft home. I'm really excited for the downsize and having less stuff to manage. Thanks for sharing these items! Love the clip on nightstands and closet hangers especially.

  13. I do a lot of RV Decor and organization videos. People get hung up on searching for RV organization but searching small spaces work just as well. These are great ideas.

  14. Lifelong CT resident here. I wish people would stop trying to one up us when we complain about the heat and humidity. This area isn't equipped to handle these kind of temperatures. Shoot, high schools will close for the day if it's too hot. Never happened when I was young. Not to mention we;re in drought yet again. When one mentions US drought, who thinks about New England?

    Do pardon me, I have trouble functioning in this weather. If only it would stop all the luxury apartment building to go up in downtown New Haven….

  15. For what it is worth, which is not much, I think your home is tiny. I don't know how you keep your sanity. We live in just shy of 3,000 sq ft on one level—and are empty nesters! I love all your ideas–perhaps we may downsize.

  16. I use ToteScan which is similar to Elephant Trax. I use it for my travel gear, hiking gear and this year I intend to reorganize my Christmas decor and use it. I also use it to keep track of what clothes I have stored at my mom's house so I know what's there when I pack to visit.

  17. I love your nail polish ❣️ also cascading hooks, love those too! Thanks Callie!! 💜

  18. I love 😘 the idea of the hanger for the small closet and you always get great idea 💡 for everything thank you 😊 so much 🥰

  19. Hi 👋 I really like app and I was wondering if you could help me with ideas for me to make space in my closet because I live in a one bedroom apartment and my closet is very small and in that closet I have to put everything there but I would like for it not look crowded and wish you could give me some ideas 💡 and may GOD 🙏 bless you always and keep up with your great program because I know there are a lot of people that are very interested and grateful for it

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