SnapGrip Review: Turn Your Phone Into a DSLR?

Today I’m testing out the SnapGrip phone accessory which supposedly makes your phone feel and operate more like a DSLR.

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0:00 Intro & Unboxing
1:30 Additional Observations
2:32 A Closer Look
5:07 Thoughts on the Grip
5:31 Comfort & Stabilization Tests
8:22 Final Thoughts

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13 Replies to “SnapGrip Review: Turn Your Phone Into a DSLR?”

  1. This looks interesting but as a person with a disability I wouldn't b even able to use this as it's for right hand people I only can use my left hand

  2. not trusting this with a $1500 phone maybe after a few years when phone loses a lot of value lol

  3. I like the idea. I would like to see a comparison of other similar products and phone camera enhancements like telephoto lens. You always do a great review and make it fun to watch

  4. Hey James love the videos, you do a great job in your reviews. I have a suggestion, one dog lover to another, could you do some dog products. I think if anyone could really show the truth with all these products for pets you can! And for my toxic water friends in Ohio, filtered shower heads and water purifiers. Thanks bro, keep up the good videos, blessings and take care!

  5. The iPhone test was okay, but I would like to see this tested on an android phone, especially a Samsung.

  6. Does it have to be on the phone to use the button to tale pics n videos?? Cus that would be cool if it could so u could set ur phone down to take a pic of urself if ur posing ifront of something

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