Something Massive on Mars Shows Water Flowed There

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They call it the Grand Canyon for a reason, right? It’s grand, big, huge! You could fit the whole of Manhattan into it! But the Valles Marineris on Mars is way bigger, almost 10 times the size of our “little” Grand Canyon! Mariner Valley covers nearly a quarter of the way round the Red Planet. Here on Earth, it’d cut all the way across the US coast-to-coast…plus some!

Our solar system is full of mind-blowingly huge canyons and chasms. There’s Tiu Valles, where researchers think there was once water on Mars and boiling volcanic lava! Even right here on Earth, the Grand Canyon has some serious rivals. Yarlung Tsangpo is the deepest on our planet. Some people call it the “Everest of Canyons” – you could fit a 2,000 story building in it!

Take a journey across our solar system and get to know our own home planet a little better by looking at the biggest, deepest, longest, and most strikingly beautiful canyons out there! 🤩


Preview photo credit:
Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars. Infographic (with United States for Scale). This infographic uses composite orbiter images and an outline of the United States to show the scale of the Valles Marineris: By NASA/JPL-Caltech,
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10 Replies to “Something Massive on Mars Shows Water Flowed There”

  1. This video Does no justice to the actual size of this canon. It's almost 3,000 m long, 200 miles wide and 7 miles Deep. It goes around 33% of the planet, not 1⁄4 of the planet. It's like saying you can go 35,000' into The air and parachute.

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