spend a week in paris with me!!

the LONG overdue paris vlog! seriously such an amazing week i’ll forever remember and be so grateful for. such a beautiful city with so many amazing friends and memories now!! i heart PARIS!!! lets go again!!!

here’s a list of fun places we went along with what we kinda did each day to play tourist!!!

Paris Day 1!!
– Hotel: https://www.hoteledouard7-paris.com/
– Café Le Carrousel for breakfast
– Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa!!!
– Lemon Bistrot Moderne for drinks and food
– Free’P’Star for thrifting
– Monoprix for snacks & celery ofc

Paris Day 2!!
– Went to Express Film to develop film
– Headed to Café Le Royal
– Checked into Hôtel Particulier Montmartre https://www.hotelparticulier.com/?lng=en the coolest hotel in Paris!! Thank you again for having me for the night – go check them out!
– Went shopping in Montmartre
– Dinner at hotel

Paris Day 3!!
– Breakfast at hotel
– Went to Sacre Cœr for church
– Walked around Place du Tertre
– Checked into Hotel Regina Louvre https://www.regina-hotel.com/en/
– Went to Four Seasons Paris Hotel for High Tea
– Café le Dôme for drinks

Paris Day 4!!
– Went to a Champagne wine tour
– Then stopped in Reims France and walked around the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims

Paris Day 5!!
– Started at Angelina Paris (amazing restaurant for treats)
– Walked around and shopped/thrifted
– Went to Eiffel Tower for light up

along with my outfit links from each day!!!

Set Active One Piece: https://shop-links.co/chCJbAQHpOQ
Yellow Converse: https://shop-links.co/chCJdivbsnW

Paris Day 1:
Morning Fit –
Top: https://www.funnyprettynice.com/
Pants: https://shop-links.co/chhaAbYd19R
Night Fit –
By Zoya Dress: https://shop-links.co/chhaHSexs1N

Paris Day 2:
Morning Fit –
Thrifted white sweater
Pants: https://shop-links.co/cgNS9c0FdFg
Night Fit –
Pink Dress: https://shop-links.co/chCKelcIXPr
Pearl Necklace: https://shop-links.co/cg9XdgUzUXo

Paris Day 3:
Morning Pants: https://shop-links.co/chhahnwU7pL
Yellow skirt: https://shop-links.co/chCKzkShj7q
Yellow Matching Jacket: https://shop-links.co/chCKAC4VFaD

Paris Day 4:
– Orseund Iris cardigan: https://shop-links.co/chhaEDBRWx9
– Linen Pants: https://shop-links.co/chhauaG3CTA

Paris Day 5:
– Top: https://shop-links.co/chhaRCc9Lgt
– Bottoms: https://shop-links.co/chhahnwU7pL

so excited for this summer and more videos hehehe we’re gonna have some FUN!
make the most out of today you got this
remember the world needs YOU
be the best you today and rest tonight knowing you’re enough RIGHT NOW
dont let anything or anyone else tell you otherwise cause that is a lie!!!
straight up lie!!
alright love you so much
you are amazing

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  1. To whoever is reading this : May God bless you ! You’re gunna do great in life ! Put God first and everything will fall into place ! John 3:16 says , “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life ! Believing in Christ isn’t only enough! Even the demons believe! However, Matthew 6:33 talks about us seeking Him and spending time with Him in the secret place ( where He lives- Matthew 6:6). If we seek Him, we will find Him! If we love Him, we will obey His commandments ! God’s grace is so sufficient! Wishing nothing but love , joy , peace, prosperity, faith, hope, etc. Have a blessed day ! God loves you so much 🙂 don’t forget to read Romans 10:9-10 if you want to accept the Lord as ur Lord and Saviour and Repent ( ask God for forgiveness) 💕💕💕

  2. Can you make your videos from 2019/20 20 Vlogmas Public? And videos of all the other ones from that time public?

  3. The editing, the footage, the soundtrack, every little thing about this video is just an amazing work of art, chefs kiss🤌
    Thank you for posting, I just had a anxiety attack and this helped me calm dawn a little bit more 💌

  4. This video is a masterpiece and your life is a dream… thanks for the constant inspiration queen 💕 keep thriving!

  5. Oh wow I feel so envious and left out, I wanna go there so badly, especially to do trainspotting and train ride videos for my channel of what I do on YouTube. Paris is a great place for trains

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