Spinach & Paneer Kati Rolls | Nadiya's Family Favourites – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 https://bbc.in/iPlayer-Home Nadiya Hussain shows us how to make her delicious spinach & paneer kati rolls for her new series Nadiya’s Family Favourites.
Recipe: https://bbc.in/2CF1TyG

Watch Nadiya’s Family Favourites on the BBC: https://bbc.in/2NWZpgT

Nadiya’s Family Favourites | Series 1 Episode 8 | BBC

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25 Replies to “Spinach & Paneer Kati Rolls | Nadiya's Family Favourites – BBC”

  1. Nadiya is definately someone to watch beautiful presents and excellent cooking skills i was looking for vegetarian receipes for my hubby and found this one brilliant the spinach and hulumi cheese wrap absolutely delicous he loved it.

  2. Watching Indian street vendor in Calcutta do this for the correct version. This one was egregiously dumb.

  3. Like video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Merci pour les bonnes recettes vos vidéos sont formidables pourriez-vous sous-titré en français merci

  5. Just tried making these (with haloumi) after seeing Nadiya cook them, on Saturday Kitchen last week, and they are absolutely delicious. I highly recommend giving them a go!

  6. Everything you make and I did make lots of your recipes, is so simple and delicious 😋 I was looking for something interesting to eat , I'm going to give this one a try now.. 😆
    Thank you!

  7. if you cannot find paneer, then it is dead simple to make! Lots of recipes out there and does not take anything exotic! I do a large batch (using about a gallon of milk) three times a year. it freezes very well.

  8. Why is it I get sad when her video ends lol. Her videos are so quick I don’t get closure lol

  9. I cannot find paneer or halloumi cheese. Can I use mozzarella as a substitute? Or do you have a recipe to make my own paneer?

  10. I have never thought of soaking tortilla in egg. Then I saw a comment about using this for a French toast-esque breakfast. I am so doing both of these ideas.

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