Split Snap Change – Tutorial

This is one of those color changes that the fanciest of magicians do. Time for you to learn it!

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18 Replies to “Split Snap Change – Tutorial”

  1. I do not know if you actually read these messages, but, I absolutely love people like you who are available online to show me how to do this stuff. I hope you continue, you and sankey are my biggest inspirations.

  2. you shouldnt use 3 fingers that makes it way too obvious. just try using 2 fingers, you cant get good ever on that trick if you dont go for it 😛

  3. its a simple change you have three cardsthe front card is hidden in the back then all he does is strip of the other card thats why its called the Split snapchange

  4. ok but how in hell did he do the first one where he had the 2, the ace, and the 3 and he switched them at 0:24

  5. after you have done the split snap change from 5cards do the ambitious card routine because you already have a double lift.

  6. Hello…..i am a big fan of yours….
    Can i talk to you and i want to be a cool magician like you..
    Hope you reply

  7. Whether its sloppy or not, at the correct angle it cant be noticed and is amazing

  8. I really do not like this trick because my friend show it to me before I watched this and I figured it out

  9. To me I think that the snap change is kind of a sloppy trick
    Basically because it can be noticed from a lot of different angles

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