STATEMENT NECKLACE – from polymer clay (Leather cutout effect) – ポリマークレイ,폴리머 클레이

DIY video:
This video will show you how to make a statement necklace from polymer clay with leather effect. This is an easy technique for beginners, colorful and jolly and is also a great fashion piece. Wonderful rainbow colours, natural leather effect and fashionable shape is everything you need to rock that summer.
Good luck!

List of tools and materials:
▼ Knife tool
▼ Blade tool
▼ Ball tool (or tooth pick)
▼ Leather texture ( natural or rubber)
▼ Wide blade
▼ 10-12 small pieces of colourful clay
▼ Jewelry basic settings (for necklace)

Music by – Ciah
“My Bubble”

Aniko xxx

12 Replies to “STATEMENT NECKLACE – from polymer clay (Leather cutout effect) – ポリマークレイ,폴리머 클레이”

  1. GREAT piece and tutorial – thanks for sharing. Have you ever tried using the edge of a hair comb to make the design around the clay pieces? It works very well. 😊

  2. Peace & Light, Light & Love. Hi Dear, This is tres' chic. And the hair comb tool is ingenious. Thank you for such a well made tutorial. I will try. I know this was created 6 years ago; but it is still fashionable now. TFS

  3. I loved this video as it was so clear with English instructions. Bravo for the design and well done

  4. Thank you! And I've seen almost all your videos! Its fascinating.. I can't turn off YouTube. You're truly an artist! Love your work!

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