Stick a command strip on your front door for this brilliant idea!

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13 Replies to “Stick a command strip on your front door for this brilliant idea!”

  1. This waterman decor is sooo old, I remember my mum doing this way back and then the whole street copying her, now everyone does it

  2. You had some fantastic ideas, I loved all of them. Very creative, easy and beautiful. It makes me want to make some of them. Loved the butterfly. Thank you for making this video.

  3. ????Love Em All , My Favorite is the hanging flower balls & the rainbow????????

  4. Wow, packed full of goodies in this one. Loved the 1st one, the color ring of tulips (I wonder where the flowers came from), and the 'flower girl' garland that hung from the tree horizontal (some twinkle lights would be nice).

    The biggest surprise to me was the potted plant wreath. I did not see the vision until it was finished. Cool.

  5. 3:27 that white foam ring can change to round ring light we use for video lighting, sure bright.

  6. WOW!! The SUCCULENT Wreath???? is AMAZING!!????????
    ALL of these ideas are REALLY CLEVER & DOABLE!!????????????????????????️????????????

  7. Very Nice!!???????? I'd like to add that if your Front Door faces direct ????????Sunlight, be careful that anything you use to adhere decorations, doesn't – LOOSEN/ MELT- !! Yep, I learned the hard way!!????????

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