Stolen Ac Units

I have been messing with this job for awhile. I got all three units replaced then had 1 unit with a leak in the outdoor coil. A new coil was ordered so I thought I was going to get to finish it today but I got a surprise as I was putting the new outdoor coil in.

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  1. You know what will be a perfect anti-theft device, what about a cage to go on top of the unit with a service side but it wouldn't have any area's on it with a lock? Thieves want things done quick. If there's no locks on it, you know some thieves will be scratching they're heads. Seriously, a cage on it with no visible locks? Hold My Beer.., so I went ahead and designed one. —->

  2. Nordyne is junk and they put a hundred different names on them. That heat pump with the leak in the coil should have been replace by the manufacturer. The installer shouldn't waste his time replacing a coil on a brand new units.

  3. Works better if you put the reducing washers top and bottom.
    Only way it works!

  4. I dont think people dying will stop copper thieves, but wishing them dead is not right

  5. Reducing washers are only to be used in pairs and never on wet location connections.

  6. Thieves will also steal the refrigerant my neighbor ran dry and the repairman charged her 150 dollars 48 oz of refrigerant 1 hour later my unit also gave out called a different repairman and told me my unit had no refrigerant . The guy was an illegal and the ppl are all crooks never trust them one bit.

  7. My buddy bought a brand new amana air conditioner but he is having trouble getting it working. Is there a possibility it is stolen? Maybe Amana removes an important part to prevent theifs from stealing them, kind of like a gun company removes a firing pin making it useless to the thief that stole it? The guy (potential thief who's not certified) said he knew how to install it but must not be telling us everything because he's been stalling for 3 years now. Any help answering this is appreciated

  8. Hell I guess that’s one way to get air conditioning!! Either meth or heroin addicts got them.

  9. I had a brend new unit n it had a new capesetor it woudnt start cap . was dead put. New cap n it ran it happens

  10. I heard of people ripping the copper out, but how the hell do you steal an entire unit? It's not like you can just pick it up and walk away with it.

  11. You can sell ac coils in Texas without a Epa card and usually a ac business license. You can sell window unit coils.

  12. come on dude, you should know you are suppose to use a reducing washer on both sides of the hole so the connector actually tightens down and holds in place and "not" just hang there. didn't think you were a hack, but i'm having second thoughts now

  13. Wow that’s some job you have to do there and then to get the wrong delivery very frustrating. My hats off to you.

  14. Roof mount the units and erect a chain link fence wire enclosure. The equipment needs to be bolted down.

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