Stop Worrying and Start Living!

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We create effortless ways for anyone to reach a profound sense of deep relaxation, meditation and sleep, without ever having to try. In particular, we cater to anyone who is turned-off by the idea of “meditation”, but still want to reap the massive health benefits, that meditation can bring. We offer this through high-quality audio productions, called ‘guided visualisations’. These include sleep talk-downs, meditations, wonderful fantasy imagery and stories.

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21 Replies to “Stop Worrying and Start Living!”

  1. Love it, positively positive! encouraging words for us all.
    Listening to this is a great way to begin the day. Thank you so much Honest Guys.

  2. I would love more videos like this! Out of all the affirmations and such that I have come across on Youtube, I always come back here! Thank you for making these. ♥

  3. I must say,THANK YOU!!You are AWESOME!!My daughter is going threw some things an I use you guys ALOT to get her relaxed,I must say.I find myself doing the same. Thanks a mill.  🙂

  4. This Great video Thanks for sharing!
    i was reallly a Type-A person meaning I always used to hurry, eat a lot of curry and do a lot of worry and the result is that my family thought i am going to die very soon!
    luckily, my brother pushed me to use "iHWC" iPhone app which helped me to changed my mind since it showed interesting stastics about my generall attitude and i am not far better person!

  5. you guys are great!
    BIG thanks for sharing….
    this is really inspiring!

    …dont stop spreading your magic …

  6. i will go for a few days in the nature!
    i will be able to use wingsuit and to skydive with it!
    i will travel to beautiful countries!
    i will make music that people adore!
    i want to inspire people! as i am inspired by others!
    nice video!

  7. It's their choice to be negative – doesn't have to be your choice though :o)

  8. @Greanwitch pause the video for a minute or two and allow the video to load. Sound's like your internet connection is not fast enough to keep up with the video as it plays.

  9. sounds good as I start listening..unfortunately it keeps stopping with the little circles going round. is there anything I can do to correct that?

  10. P.S. Lovely post thanX for sharing. LoVe!!
    (¯`O´¯) ☼
    *./ | *.*

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