Studio McGee Spec Home Tour: All of the Powder Bath, Laundry, and Mudroom Details #SMSpecHome

If there is ever a place where function and beauty collide, these spaces are it. While Shea and the design team pride themselves on being able to elevate spaces of such utility, it’s hard to mask the fact that these rooms are where the dirty work gets done. In our first-ever spec home, which we’ve been sharing bit by bit with you over the past weeks, these utility spaces stand at the same level of beauty as the rest of the home.

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25 Replies to “Studio McGee Spec Home Tour: All of the Powder Bath, Laundry, and Mudroom Details #SMSpecHome”

  1. Congratulations, you must be drinking from the saucer in the cup overflow, bless you both and your whole team from A to Z. Beyond beautiful and Gorgeous, sweet blessings on your sale while letting go of this truly heart engaged project that went from a house to a true home of warmth and love~♡~

  2. I have loved seeing the work that goes into building this home. It's absolutely beautiful!!

  3. If I was there i woud by the house but i live in europe si i cant. You have build a veary wonderful house. Good job weal done????????

  4. Loved seeing the process, thank you for sharing Shea ❤ We move into our next home tomorrow and we have a renovation ahead of us. Hoping this is our last move and our home to enjoy our recent retirement. Love your intuative style. ????

  5. I love your posts and interior design identity. Personally I am not an interior designer, but have enjoyed 'designing' the interior of my previous homes (due to relocation, on my third!).
    But what I have found is that although you think you have happily reached your goal and interior vision, it can also be a never ending experience.
    So I have promised myself (fingers crossed!) that this time round I will complete the project to plan, and then end it there….and sit back and enjoy my personal surroundings (and the more important things in life, like living!).

  6. The house is very appealing and special. I'm sure it will sell in no time. While the powder room is lovely, especially like the sink, I wouldn't refer to the wallpaper as "dramatic." As far as powder room wallpapers go, it's on the safer, pretty, tamer side.

  7. Omgomg I love ???? the home it is so beautiful and you guys came together as a team and created something special thank you for sharing it with us you gave us some great ideas and key elements p.s Sid looks good in his sweatshirt you two together are a power house couple and it’s been beautiful to watch ????

  8. Good morning! My name is Joaquim Dutra I'm Brazilian, my wife and I follow you on Netflix and YouTube; we like you very much as humble and simple people, also for what you did in the course

  9. Absolutly wonderful, as all yours works! Thanks for inspiring me everytime for my home Shea! Love from France ????????????❤????????

  10. The bathroom is beautiful. I usually don't like wallpaper, but this is the exception.

  11. I'm from the UK and can't imagine the cost of a place like this, I know how much it would be here which is eyewatering, I really hope you sell it fast (I'm sure you will it's beautiful) and that your able to carry on with your property portfolio, sending only love

  12. I have come to love and appreciate your subtle color schemes.-this kaki/cream square floor titles is a wonderful color to work around. TIMELESS!

  13. Thank you for inspiring me with all of your work???????? send love from Indonesia…

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