Style Theory: Can You Be Allergic to Color? (Wednesday Addams)

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According to Wednesday Addams, her skin breaks into hives and flesh peels off her bones when she even TOUCHES Color. Wait a minute… is that real? Can you actually be ALLERGIC to color? Let’s find out…
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick, Amy Roberts, and Zach Stewart
Editors: JayskiBean, Dom Sealion, and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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28 Replies to “Style Theory: Can You Be Allergic to Color? (Wednesday Addams)”

  1. When I itch I assume its either sweat or the laundry detergent, I always have had a mild reaction to soaps.

  2. I only just realised that 'Thing' looks like a baseball that sprouted fingers????

  3. there is an actual name for this condition cause I have the same condition its called Shepperd's disease

  4. i actually had a friend who was allergic to the color red, her skin would get itchy and red if she would have red clothing

  5. I know two women who were allergic to specific colors, like they couldn’t eat anything of those colors. The allergies went away after they had children which is honestly a little weird but I’m not gonna question that.

  6. I myself can confirm that you can be allergic to color cuz I myself am (edible colors ofc)

  7. i can already tell mat is going to be trending on twitter for that opening skit

  8. She could also be all covered because it's winter, it looks like most other students also wear long clothing… So she could just be cold.

  9. I was thinking at it from an Autism perspective and her having sensory issues around bright colors/light. She could get a stress rash/physical reaction from extreme emotions from sensory issues lmao

  10. You should make a video about wearing a backpack on one arm. Is it considered more stylish? Is it more functional? Or is it just completely useless?

  11. In real life, color is subtractive, with what is being absorbed not being reflected from a generally white light.
    But in computers, color is additive. There's generally no reflection that is useful for the color. Instead certain combinations of wavelengths are generated to create the perception of color instead.

  12. I thought it over, and there is a potential flaw the dye theory. You went off the assumption that the specialized uniform was made with modern, chemical based dye. Another possibility is that it was instead made with an older style, more natural dye. Or alternatively, perhaps it was just straight-up made of wool from an actual black sheep. Either way, the real allergy problem would be in the unnatural purple dye of the standard uniform.

  13. My mom has been a fan of the Addams family since the movies came out in the 80s or 90s and when the show came out she made me watch it and I actually really enjoyed and I even got the mystery right

  14. Mat: lists dust and pollen as allergies.

  15. i mean i know someone who is allergic to the consumption of red becasue of a cerrtain chemical used for the color but yea that explains it too

  16. I am actually allergic to colours (dermatological tested) ; red, orange and yellow. Which makes sense why i have no problems wearing black (very dark blue) and white (bleached) clothes like Wednesday. I need to wash new coloured clothes three times before i can wear them without a reaction. Nothing deadly will happen if i wear these colours, i just get a skin reaction (rash) with itching. I cant dye my hair without a big allergic reaction that can make me pass out though.

  17. Dang, every single day Style Theory seems more and more like the smarter option. Great video, nice to see you break out the Science of colors, allergies, and light!

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